Plaid gone bad

I so loved these plaid boots.  This morning, I realized my feet were getting wet, and looked down to realize they each had cracked, after only a year and a half.  I mean really, I only wear them in the mornings when I let the girls out, and sometimes in the summer will swing through the garden on my way back to the house.  Sigh.  I need to find some new ones.


8 Responses to “Plaid gone bad”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I had a similar pair from Target and mine split right on the seam after only a year of light use. Disappointing.

  2. Daphne Says:

    Things just aren’t made to last anymore.

  3. O. Says:

    Perhaps it’s time for duct tape? Everyone want silver glamour boots!

  4. Laura Says:

    I’ve got a pair of these sorels (in lime green)

    They seem to last forever and are seriously comfortable (and stylish!). I even horseback ride in mine when it’s muddy…

  5. Robin Says:

    I’ve put my Mucks through a lot of abuse for two years. I wear them almost daily, in all kinds of weather. I need to replace them now and don’t mind the $80 I’ll spend because I know they’ll last.

  6. jeannie Says:

    Wellll, I have an idea. Buy a pair of the black ones, Then get some of the spray paint that they have now for vinyl chairs, then use some paint tape (blue works for me!) and make the boots plaid. ( I would suggest to paint them white first then in various color patterns.)
    Well, It’s just an idea. Or go on line to find a pair.

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