Laundry room renovation

A few years ago, in 2003 (cough), we partitioned off the shed connecting the house to the barn, insulated it, added heat, and created a laundry room.  Prior to that, the unheated shed housed the dryer, and the washing machine took up a lot of valuable real estate in our tiny 8’x8′ master bathroom.

I LOVE having a laundry room, especially one located a few feet from the solar clothes dryer, aka clothesline.  (I used to have to carry the basket of wet clothes all through the house to get to the line.)  Somehow, though, despite how integral the room is to life at Henbogle, we never managed to finish the project (sound familiar, anyone?)

Until now.  While our siding project is languishing awaiting our unhappiness with the new window to be resolved, we decided to finish that room, especially since the energy audit revealed that we were losing some heat through the insulated, yet unfinished, ceiling.  So, we picked out some flooring (the one shown in room photo), made a date for the installation, and got cracking.  First, we removed a wall which created a little alcove for the washer dryer, which sounds nice, but really just made it inconvenient to get to the sink.  The wall was there when we bought the house, and we never really understood a purpose for it, yet inertia was strong, and the wall remained, until this project.

Wall down, the next step was to re-hang the exterior door, which we installed at the time of creating the room.  When we installed it, we didn’t think to leave enough space or flooring under the door, sigh.  This is probably the biggest factor in not finishing this room. Today was the day, and thanks to the proper tools (Dan’s new sawzall), it was not that bad.  We had the door re-hung in less than three hours.

Door completed, it was time to begin the ceiling project.  We aren’t fond of hanging drywall, and our house has lots of wood wainscoating and paneling, so we decided we’d go for a beadboard ceiling.  The room was lit by three ceiling fixtures, a rusting ugly one in the pre-existing alcove, and lamp sockets in the main part of the room.  We will eventually replace the ugly one with something a little less obtrusive, but for now are concentrating on finishing the ceiling.  We opted to put recessed lighting in the main part of the room, and today purchased the fixtures and the amazing wonder Dan installed them.  I was pretty impressed with the fixtures.

They were a bit tricky to install, but seem pretty well engineered and I think will be much less likely than a typical fixture to be damaged when we are working on some project or other.  Next step will be to put up the beadboard planks.  Now that we are rolling, I can hardly wait!


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  1. Susanna Says:

    Whoa! This is awesome, Alice. Now I definitely have to make a trip back to Maine to see your progress. I am impressed!

  2. jeannie Says:

    Wow you two got alot done since I visited!!

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