Installing the beadboard ceiling

Sunday we finished installing the recessed lighting fixtures in the laundry room, yesterday Dan purchased 240 linear feet of beadboard, and last night we did some prep work for tonight’s project, beginning the beadboard ceiling installation.

Before I got home from work this afternoon, Dan cut and installed 2″ foam insulation along the exterior walls and sealed it well with foam adhesive.

After a quick dinner, we began the primary task.  We used small finish nails to nail the plank to the 2nd story floor joists at the tounge, then carefully set each nail with a nail set.  A rubber mallet encouraged the boards to fit tightly together along the tongue and groove joint without marring the board.  We got a total of 4 boards installed.  The next step will be to cut around the two recessed lighting fixtures, a fussy job, so we called it a night.  But it is looking good!


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