Ceiling done

We finished the laundry room ceiling today. The little pneumatic nailer makes things so much easier!  Don’t ask me why we did not use it for much of this project.

I added trim while Dan mowed the lawn (which looked like a hayfield after the recent rain we’ve had).  We had lots of bits and pieces of molding from various past projects, so I used the pieces on small areas.  It is a utility room, after all.  Might’s well utilize.

It looks so nice all finished.  The floor will go in on Tuesday.  I can hardly wait!

I don’t know when this part of the house was constructed.  Dan and I partitioned this shed off, insulated, and added heat on 2003 and just never finished the details.  I think when the floor is done, this will be the first room in our house I will consider completed.  The sewing room is almost done, but we still only have a subfloor, despite the fancy paintwork.  One room down, 7 rooms to go.


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  1. 10yearchallenge Says:

    That looks really wonderful! Doesn’t it feel so great to complete a home project?

  2. Robin Says:

    That looks very nice!

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