How could I possibly have missed

The giant zucchini Dan is holding?  That thing is humungous! Ah well, it is now chicken treat.


4 Responses to “How could I possibly have missed”

  1. kate@livingthefrugallife Says:

    Or…how ’bout this:

    It’s really tasty, it freezes beautifully, and baking weather is here!

  2. Daphne Gould Says:

    Wow. How could you have missed it? I think the same thing when I pick cucumbers then go back to do something else and find a huge one just hanging in plain sight. If only they were bright yellow they might be easier to spot.

  3. jeannie Says:

    Looks good to shred the outer layer for a batch of zucchini bread and give the sweet middle to the lovely ladies!!!

  4. Robin Says:

    Haha. That happened to us too. We ended up making dried zucchini chips out of them.

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