Harvest Monday: Pumpkins and Squash

The garden is slowing down with the cool temps we have had of late.  Last night, temps were in the low 40s — tomatoes are not happy with that.  The summer squash, though, is still hanging in there, last night we had a lovely sauteed squash medley to compliment a lobster dinner.  Yum!

This week, though, it has been all about the pumpkins and winter squash.  I’ve harvested all of them now, and just need to pull the vines.  They are all curing in the hoop house.  I have yet to weigh them, but it has been a terrific harvest!

4 Winter Luxury pumpkins
9 Small Sugar pumpkins
8 Waltham Butternut squash
3 Futsu Black Squash (with 1 more on the vine I’m hoping will ripen)

I still have 1-2 Small Sugar pumpkins on the vines.  I can’t imagine they will ripen, but I’ve been too busy with other projects to pull the plants so I’m leaving them be.  I am really curious about the Futsu Black Squash — it supposedly has a very nutty, almost hazelnut like flavor.  Doesn’t that sound delicious?

While harvesting the squash, I also spied 2 cucumbers on the Marketmore 76 plant that I had given up for dead.  It lives, and provides cucumbers!

The rest of this weeks harvest:

Herbs 12 oz.
Squash 9.75 lbs.
Peppers 1.5 lbs.
Tomatoes 12 lbs 1 oz.
Snap Peas 8 oz.
Cucumbers 14 oz.

I still have lots of Swiss chard, kale, basil, parsley and amazingly, quite a few summer squash in the garden.  There are lots of green tomatoes but they are not enjoying the cooler temps and I can’t imagine they will ripen.  Oh, and lots of cherry tomatoes, too, but I’ve been too busy to comb through the jungle and pick them.  I need to get to the basil but have been right out straight.  Maybe later this week when the laundry room floor is done.  The final tally:

Total pounds: 528.13 lbs.

The week’s harvest tally brings the value of my harvests throughout the season to $1772.89. Expenses remained the same at $305.54, bringing the net value to $1,467.35. With winter squash selling for $1.50 a lb., I imagine I will definitely net over $1500 worth of vegetable this season, and I still have some winter green growing in the hoop house.  I think gardening has proved worth my time and effort!

As the summer winds down here in the northeast, see who else is still harvesting at Daphne’s Dandelions Harvest Monday series, where gardeners around the world gather to brag or commiserate, as the case may be.


13 Responses to “Harvest Monday: Pumpkins and Squash”

  1. The Mom Says:

    They’re so pretty! I’m very jealous of your squash, mine all died from SVBs. There are a few, but not nearly enough.

    • Ali Says:

      I live in dread that the evil S.V.B. will migrate to Maine. If I had to put up with long cold dark winters AND the S.V.B., I’d have to contemplate relocation!

  2. kitsapFG Says:

    I notice alot of the garden bloggers are pulling in winter squash and pumpkins and dealing with the ramp down of the tomato season. Your squash haul is very appealing looking. I had to laugh though, the first time I read the variety “Futsu Black Squash” my mind read it as “Fatso Black Squash”! LOL!

  3. Sense of Home Says:

    That’s a terrific squash harvest. I have had to buy mine at the farmer’s market since I don’t have room to grow my own. Our temps have been in the 40s as well, and even one night down in the 30s. My garden has been cleaned out now, all but the spinach.


  4. tempusflits Says:

    Yes, isn’t it amazing how quickly it’s cooled down? I live in Illinois and it’s as though someone just tamped out summer. Still, I like autumn. It’s the winter I dislike.

    I have been thinking of putting some plastic over my tub of lettuce to try and extend my season here just a little. I saw an idea on the winter sow site where a lady used a cheap umbrella as a frame for the plastic cover. With lettuce already growing in the container, I thought instant cold frame. Well, for a bit, maybe. Thought it would be fun to try.

  5. Shawn Ann Says:

    Oh all that squash looks wonderful! I had a lot of SVBs around here like some of the others! It’s miserable! I did get 6 sugar pumpkins though despite those little buggers!

  6. Daphne Gould Says:

    Nice harvest on the squash. I really wish I had that many squash to eat over the winter.

  7. villager Says:

    No SVB’s here but our summer squash dried up over a month ago. Sounds like you’re still getting a nice variety of things this late in the year!

  8. julie Says:

    Ali, wonderful squash harvest, squash my favorite fruit, it’s a fruit right? Thank you so much for the tip regarding chickens and acorns, who knew, not I.

  9. debiclegg Says:

    I am amazed at your pumpkins and squash. Way to go!! SVB wiped me out!! Great return on your harvest!!

  10. Ali Says:

    Thanks for all the compliments. After all the reports on SVB I’ve been reading, I live in fear the dread borer will find Henbogle. Please no!!!

  11. Ottawa Gardener Says:

    I remembered not that long ago, everyone was reporting on their tomato harvest, now it’s all squash. Lovely and yes, no SVB for you. We don’t get it either and I hope it stays that way!

  12. Robin Says:

    Yeah, our garden is winding down too. Makes me sad as I’m not ready for winter. On the bright side I did get some stuff planted for my first ever winter garden.

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