Ready and waiting

The laundry room is empty of furniture and appliances, awaiting the flooring installer tomorrow.  Dan moved most of the furniture out before I got home from work, then the two of us moved the washer and dryer.  The freezer came out yesterday, when we also defrosted it and re-organized the contents.

Dan went around the room one last time with the caulk gun and sealed up any leaky areas, and I took advantage of the absence of the washer and dryer to polyurethane the trim of the window behind those two appliances.

While applying the poly, I realized that there was no trim under neath the window and that the area was a big draft waiting to happen.  We added more insulation and caulk, then a piece of trim under the sill.  I’m glad I decided to poly the window or we would probably have never noticed.

Dan commented tonight that the room was becoming more airtight.  He noticed the door into the shed (gray door) took more effort to close tightly.  We tested his theory by opening the door into the house (wooden door) while closing the shed exit door.  When the other door was open, the shed door closed much more easily.  All that work to weatherize this room will be worth it, I hope.

Tomorrow night all the appliances and furniture will go back in, and it will be done.  Whoo hoo!


2 Responses to “Ready and waiting”

  1. Mom Says:

    I’m speechless. Your photos are worth a thousand words, Ali.
    It’s looking grand and a room to be proud of.

  2. Robin Says:

    I wonder how your winter heating bill will be this winter with all your new upgrades. That would be really neat if you did see a difference.

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