Last of the tomatoes

We picked 5 lbs. 10 oz. of tomatoes this afternoon.  All the cherries are roasting in the oven with any that were ripe enough, a few are on the counter to ripen up, and a few more are in the garden.  I can’t decide whether to bring them in or leave them.

We also picked more squash, and the rest of the peppers.  There is still more squash, lots of chard, kale and leeks and our second planting of green beans and peas are just beginning to produce.  The beans look a bit pale, I suspect the cool nights and relative lack of sun does not make them very happy.  Next year I need to start them 1-2 weeks earlier.  The peas look fine but are not very productive.  Delicious, but sparse.

In the hoophouse I have some gorgeous lettuce and arugula, and greens starting for next year.  I still need to plant spinach for the first spring greens.

We brought all the winter squash and pumpkins into the shed, (and had a little photo shoot with the pumpkins) where we will store it until it gets to cold, then it will go to Kyle’s old room for winter storage.  What we don’t use or give away we will share with the hens.

Next week it will be time to start pulling the plants, but there are still a few patty pan and zucchini so I decided to let them wait as I needed to get to work roasting tomatoes and experimenting with the enchilada sauce.


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