Still Harvesting Monday

The garden looks pretty rough, but amazingly, is still producing.  We came close to a frost Sunday night, but it missed us, and it looks like we’ll avoid one for a few more days.  We didn’t harvest much compared to our biggest harvest week of 59 lbs, but it still tastes darn good and is keeping me out of the supermarket.  This week we gathered a total of 8.63 lbs from the garden, which included the majority of the remaining tomatoes.  With the frost holding off we may still get a few more before I get around to pulling the vines, I hope next weekend.  The results:

Herbs — 15 oz
S. Squash — 6 oz
Peppers — 5 oz
Tomatoes — 6 lbs
Pole beans — 16 oz

The value of my harvests throughout the season stands at $1867.17. Expenses remained the same at $305.54, bringing the net value to $1,561.63. Total pounds grown this summer 550.81 lbs.  SO FAR!

The above harvest became basil pesto for the freezer, tortilla soup, and tonight’s dinner, a fresh tomato sauce over whole wheat pasta.  Even with end of the season tomatoes, that sauce was so good I would swim in it if I could.  Home grown tomatoes, garlic, pesto, and a green pepper, with a little onion from the farmers market, YUM!!!!

With being back to work, one of the big challenges of the end of the main harvest season is preserving all the goodness.  I am constantly looking for new ideas, and one I tried this week was marinated peppers, using this recipe from the Michigan State University Extension Service.  I did not process the peppers as I had only enough peppers for half a batch so I will store them in the refrigerator.  I suspect these will be delicious in sandwiches.  This was the last of my beautiful red-ripe Carmen peppers, but I still have a few immature green ones on the plants which I will pick before a frost.  There are still zucchini, yellow crookneck and patty pan squash producing, although their days are numbered as the garlic will be going in the squash area.

I’m posting this as part of Daphne’s wonderful Harvest Monday series, where gardeners share the triumphs and tears of their gardening endeavors.

7 Responses to “Still Harvesting Monday”

  1. Jennifer Fisk Says:

    I pulled all of my tomato plants this afternoon but there is one Brandywine waiting for me to have for breakfast or lunch tomorrow.

  2. kitsapFG Says:

    Those peppers look really yum! I had a rather dismal pepper harvest this year. They were coming along nicely and then I had a fungal problem hit and had to harvest everything remaining as green rather than mature peppers. Luckily I have some pickled peppers and frozen peppers left from last year’s bounty to last me for at least a little while longer.

  3. meemsnyc Says:

    Wow, you have harvested so much this season! Congrats!

  4. Sara Says:

    Awesome stats! And thanks so much for that recipe link, that’s a great option for my banana pepper overload.

    We missed a frost too–definitely frost on rooftops and low areas the last three nights, but our protected yard seems okay. And now the next week of weather looks lovely.

    I hear you on the pasta sauce–these last summery meals have been so tasty, maybe it’s the cool air that adds to the experience, or just the fleeing nature of it all. :)

  5. Robin Says:

    My sweet peppers did not produce well this year. I did manage to freeze enough for the winter….I think! The hot peppers did extremely well though.

    We just love roasted peppers. Wish that I had enough to roast for keeping :(

  6. Daphne Gould Says:

    I love the freshly made sauce. I made a pizza sauce yesterday for lunch. It was so good. I’m dreading the last couple of canning sessions, but at least it will warm the house up. My house seem to drop in temps every day. Canning might even give us an extra day before we have to turn the heat on.

  7. 10yearchallenge Says:

    Hello Ali,

    Unbelieveably, I’m still picking slightly ripe tomatoes that I can ripen in the hosue. I made soup with fresh tomatoes yesterday. The peppers have slowed down a lot though. Yours look lovely.

    Toni at Ali started a “A day in the slow life” meme/blog hop. I posted my day yesterday and invited you to participate as well. It’s interesting to see how our gardening friends spend their days.


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