Harvest Monday: More Peppers?!

Amazingly here at Henbogle, we have yet to have received a killing frost, and in general, temps have felt milder than usual.  While we had 3 inches of rain Friday through Saturday, we’ve only had a few brushes with frost, nothing below 31°F or so yet.  Last year, we had a hard freeze on October 14.

This is good news for the garden.  The fall greens are still gorgeous, the zinnias are blooming like crazy, nasturtiums have abounded for salads, hardier herbs are gorgeous, and today, while pulling some plants, I even harvested Piracicaba broccoli, a few more peppers and yellow wax beans.  Lunch today was a fabulous salad featuring two kinds of lettuce, broccoli, wax beans, peppers, nasturtiums, with spicy chipotle chicken and and homemade green goddess dressing.  I just love wandering out to the garden to see what’s for lunch.

This weeks harvest totals (plus the golden beets from last week):

Herbs — 7 oz.
Arugula — 12 oz
Kale — 4 oz
Snap beans — 5 oz.
Lettuce — 21 oz
Broccoli — 6 oz
Peppers — 16 oz.
Beets — 132 oz
Total weight for the week 12.6 lbs.

The value of my harvests throughout the season stands at $1,943.68, my expenses remained the same at $317.54 for the year. bringing the net value to $1,626.14. Total pounds grown this summer 571 lbs.

This total still does not include my harvest of squash and pumpkins.  Maybe I’ll get them weighed this week.

This tally is part of Daphne’s Harvest Monday series on her blog, Daphne’s Dandelions, where you can see who else is flirting with frost this week, and who is crying crocodile tears while secretly celebrating the end of the harvest while they hide their canning supplies in the darkest corner of the basement.


8 Responses to “Harvest Monday: More Peppers?!”

  1. The Mom Says:

    Those salads look almost too pretty to eat. It’s crazy that we still haven’t frozen yet.

  2. kitsapFG Says:

    Very yummy looking lunch! I love the transition period when the fall crops are on but the summer crops are lingering just a while longer. Makes for great fresh eating.

  3. kate@livingthefrugallife Says:

    That’s an impressive harvest for this time of year. I suppose I should get the last of the beets in here as well. The frost is late here this year too. And yes, our pepper plants are holding on, just barely, ripening up a few more peppers per week.

  4. Sara Says:

    Too funny we’re enjoying the same feeling. Same weather so far from Maine!. Definitely taking advantage of the extended growing season too.

  5. Tyra Hallsénius-Lindhe Says:

    Those salads look just great. You still have nasturtiums? Even after the frost nights? now that is amazing!


    Fragrant and Tasty in Tyra’s Garden

  6. thyme2garden Says:

    Every night without the first frost feels like a gift of another growing day! The value of your harvest approaching $2K is very impressive!

  7. Daphne Gould Says:

    It is amazing that you haven’t had a frost up there yet. My normal first frost is about October 20-30 I would say. But that was for my old garden. Who knows about this one? And this really isn’t a normal year to tell by, but in ten years I’ll know. Love the salad.

  8. Madame C Says:

    Your harvest looks fantastic! Here in Sweden we have had very hard frost for several nights now. It is not easy to find something to eat outside…
    Cesar’s Garden

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