Not very welcoming

Here’s one strategy to rid yourself of campaign visits and trick or treaters, just board up your front door.  Hah.  Actually, this is yet another home improvement project gone slightly awry.

One of the winterization projects we decided to tackle after our energy audit was to replace the front door on our house.  We loved the door, which is unique, with stained glass panels and a pear tree etched in the glass, but the door latch is broken, the door needs the paint stripped and to be reglued, and the threshold was very worn and needed replacing.  Instead, we opted to replace the front door.

Having returned to work, our time for projects is pretty minimal so we elected to have a contractor tackle this project.  We selected a new door, and on Wednesday of last week, the work started.

The contractor ripped out the old framing, which from the looks of the hand cut square nails, was original, and began replacing the threshold and framing.  He had quite a bit done when Dan came home and decided to look over the new door.

Dan noticed that the door opened on the wrong side.  Arghh.  I’m not sure who got it wrong, the contractor or the lumberyard, but we had the wrong special order door, and we can’t use it.  Sigh.

So, a new door was ordered, and for that night, the contractor stapled plastic up in the door frame.  The next day, he put a piece of plywood in place to at least provide some secure closure.  With luck, the door will arrive this upcoming week and will be installed by Wednesday, but in the meantime, don’t bother ringing the doorbell.


We hope the new door will look just like the old door


6 Responses to “Not very welcoming”

  1. Toni-Shaklee Rep Says:

    Can’t wait to see the new door! You have such a cute house!

  2. Robin Says:

    Ha that is funny. Okay not for you but I liked the boarded up door as it made your house look very eerie. :) Least you will get it fixed in a week. I have a boarded up front window that has been like that for 2 years since we moved in. We ordered a new window for it but it’s not coming in until the end of November.

  3. kate@livingthefrugallife Says:

    How aggravating! Hope the job is finished very soon. It was a really lovely door!

  4. Jennifer Fisk Says:

    What a beautiful home. Hopefully the new door will not look new. We are lucky in Maine that security usually isn’t a major concern.

  5. kitsapFG Says:

    What a charming house! Even with the door missing! LOL!

    I hope the second door arrives soon and you are back in business.

  6. jeannie Says:

    I hope snow doesn’t upset the cart. We had some here on Sunday and it really made me upset that my car isn’t ready yet ~~:(
    I hope your door comes in sooonnnna. Winter is approuching fast than I want!

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