Harvest Monday: Is that an onion?!

I am still plugging away at getting the garden to bed.  This weekend, I managed to prepare more in the allium bed for some more garlic and some French Grey shallots that I found for fall planting.  The shallots are due any day now, I hope I can get them in the ground as soon as I get them, because our mild fall seems to have left town in a hurry.  Saturday evening and Sunday morning we had just enough rain to make it too wet for garden work, boo.  Instead I pickled those golden beets I picked a few weeks ago.  Time will tell if they are as tasty as the red beets, but the color washes out from the cooking so they are not as pretty as I had hoped.

The totals below include 1 Futsu Black squash weighing in at 3 lbs.  I was eager to try this squash, which I’ve read has a hazelnut-like flavor, but this squash was not as ripe as I’d thought.  It was ok, but nothing special.  I have 2 more, and I’m hoping they will be tastier.  If not, I won’t grow it again, since this was a good year for squash so it should be at its best due to the ideal growing conditions.

Even with the cold temps, I am still harvesting from the garden.  The fabulous Piracicaba broccoli is still producing broccoli shoots even though much of it I’ve allowed to flower for the bees.  The hoophouse is full of tasty fall lettuces, greens and arugula.  The surprise find this week was a few red torpedo-type onions amidst some weeds (oops!)  The onions and broccoli florets and leaves made it into some Asian flavored soup with some leftover pork roast,  yum.  We are eating delicious fall salads flavored with the greens from the onions and lots of fall herbs.  I’ve got more golden beets which will be roasted for salads with goat cheese or feta, yum.  The garden is still providing deliciously for us.

I am including both this week and last week in my harvest totals today, as I missed last week’s harvest Monday. The big news:

Herbs 12 oz.
Arugula 16 oz.
Kale 18 oz.
Leeks 13 oz.
Chard 4 oz.
Lettuce 18 oz.
Broccoli 15 oz.
Squash 48 oz.
Onions 14 oz.

The total weight for the past 2 weeks: 11.2 lbs.  This small total brings my total to  583 lbs. harvested from the garden this year.  The value of my harvests throughout the season stands at $1,989.59, my expenses remained the same at $317.54 for the year, bringing the net value to $1,672.05. Total pounds grown this summer.  I’ll include the $15 I spent on the shallots in next years expenses, as they are intended for next year.

This post is part of Daphne’s Harvest Monday series on her blog, Daphne’s Dandelions.  Click on over to see what surprises other gardeners around the world are discovering in their gardens.


12 Responses to “Harvest Monday: Is that an onion?!”

  1. kate@livingthefrugallife Says:

    I’ve noticed the bees on the piracicaba flowers too. I’m glad to let my couple plants flower for them. There’s precious little else this time of year, and my bees can definitely use the help. Hazelnut-flavored squash sounds awesome!

  2. Emily Says:

    Sorry your squash wasn’t as good as you hoped. Glad to hear you’re enjoying fall greens

  3. Laurie Meunier Graves Says:

    I must say I am very impressed with your figures. Sure makes the financial case for gardening—although of course there are many other benefits as well.

  4. Michelle Says:

    Your garden was really productive this year. I’m getting to be curious about what the value of my harvests were but I don’t think I’ll ever get around to figuring out what price to apply to anything, it’s enough work to remember to weigh things. The soup looks delcious.

  5. Tyra i Vaxholm Says:

    Bravo, very impressive. You are so fortunate to be able to actually grow things in November.



  6. Thomas Says:

    I love seeing pics of your hoophouse. It’s amazing what a little shelter can do for your cold weather veggies.

  7. kitsapFG Says:

    That squash is certainly interesting to look at – hopefully the others are more flavorful for you. Your harvest total for the year is wonderful – well done!

  8. Daphne Gould Says:

    I wish I had some piracicaba broccoli. Sadly I left the plants at the hold house and had no place to plant the new ones. My mantra for this year has been “next year”. I tell myself to be patient.

  9. Karen Anne Says:

    That looks like a really good and unusual soup :-)

  10. Cate Talbot Ashton Says:

    Alice –here’s the blog posting with the incredibly good squash soup recipe I mentioned to you: http://www.fiberfarm.com/2010/09/this-is-what-youre-making-for-dinner-tomorrow-night

    It really was delicious!

    — Cate

  11. Leigh Says:

    Hi Ali. I haven’t visited in awhile and thought I would pop by to see what you are up to. That soup looks fantastic! Yum. Your growing some different varieties of squash and broccoli than I am, so I’m curious about those. Your garden numbers are impressive! Way to go. I didn’t weigh anything this year but maybe I should have.

    Interesting about your front door. We’re fixin’ to replace ours too, but that will probably have to wait until spring, as the new door is bigger than the old opening.

  12. meemsnyc Says:

    Wow, impressive numbers in your harvests! Awesome.

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