Fall garden chores

Dan and I continue to plug away at the fall garden chores.  Today I pulled more of the IRT mulch, which I must say despite how fussy it is to lay down, I love.  There were NO WEEDS under it.  None.  The soil warmed earlier, cooled later, and needed less frequent watering.  Amazing.  You can be sure I will be using it again.

I also planted garlic bulbils and spinach in the hoophouse.  I hope the bulbils will lead to garlic chives, and the spinach will germinate and overwinter for early spring spinach.  I should have planted the spinach earlier, but am just getting to it now, nearly a month later than last year. Sigh.  Ah well, at least it is planted.

The hoophouse is feeding us some nice fresh greens right now.  Terrific lettuce, arugula, Asian greens, sage and parsley are gracing the dinner plate, and I have carrots and young seedlings of lettuce and arugula planted.  Will they live through the winter?  Who knows, but why not try.



2 Responses to “Fall garden chores”

  1. meemsnyc Says:

    So much green in your hoopshouse! It’s looking great!

  2. kitsapFG Says:

    I love the challenge of eeking out as much through the winter and early early spring as is possible. I think I am prouder as a gardener of those harvests than I am of all the summer bounty that the garden provides. Pushing the limits (such as the late spinach planting) is just part of that process. You are not out much (some seeds and time) if it does not work out – but you have so much to gain if it does!

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