A project on the horizon

Well, a couple of projects if you count seed starting.  I picked up a big bag of Johnny’s Germination Mix at the retail store yesterday, then swung by a nearby lumberyard for some concrete remesh.

Am I pouring a slab?  I wish (for a nice greenhouse!).  Nope, I’m going to make some tomato cages as seen at Our Happy Acres.  With the leftover remesh, I’ll make small trellis panels for cukes, peas, and whatever else I can think of.  Fun times ahead with my sturdy leather gloves and my heavy duty wire cutters,

5 Responses to “A project on the horizon”

  1. Robin Says:

    That is definitely going to be some fun times!! There’s nothing like working with heavy wire. Make sure your leather gloves are in good shape!

  2. villager Says:

    I wound up using some old gloves when working with the remesh because of the rust. I’m guessing it was fun getting that heavy roll out of your car!

  3. Jennifer Fisk Says:

    Everytime I use commercial tomato cages they end up bending to the ground with the weight of the plants and fruits. The hogwire won’t do that but I’m not clear on how you anchor them in the ground. Stakes perhaps?

  4. kathi dunphy Says:

    I’m watching to see how you do this…

  5. Summersweet Farm Says:

    I used this technique with squash plants and it worked very well. I am going to try trellising my tomatoes this year, but if that doesn’t work out I will definitely be going back to these cages. Cherokee Purple is a beast that just laughs at regular tomato cages.

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