Snow day

A birds' gotta eat

We are getting our second big storm of the season.  Initial forecasts called for 8″-10″, but the most recent forecast has upped the prediction to 9″-13″ during the day, with an additional 1″-3″ into the evening.  Yee haw!

I let the girls out this morning as the snow began. They did not look impressed, but gladly scurried about after a handful of scratch while I freshened up the coop with some straw.

While I was with the hens, Dan fired up the woodstove and made the coffee.  He then joined me to refill the birdfeeders, and we settled down to a homey snow day.

We started with a leisurely breakfast watching the flurry of bird activity at the feeders, then we went to work in front of the woodstove. I tele-commuted and Dan worked on schoolwork.

Later this afternoon we will do some shoveling and I will finish my seed sorting and do some prep work for the seed swap I’m helping to plan.  I love a good snowday.


5 Responses to “Snow day”

  1. Robin Says:

    We were supposed to get 8″ last night and only got about 3″. Enjoy your snow day!!

  2. nruit Says:

    Yee haw is right!

  3. villager Says:

    We only got about 3″ here this time but it is turning wicked cold. I have been looking at seed catalogs and dreaming of ripe tomatoes!

  4. Jennifer Fisk Says:

    I’ve got 13 pretty heavy stuff. My concern is the Spruce trees are laden with heavy wet snow that is now frozen and the wind is gusting to 50. Not good for shallow rooted trees. Oh well, it will be what it will be and we’ll sort it out at daybreak.

  5. julie Says:

    Has the snow come to a standstill in your neck of the woods? I thought I would have the day to hook and read seed catalogs by the wood stove, alas my day was spend snow blowing. I didn’t think the snow was ever going to quit, 16 inches here. Are those 2011 seeds? I guess I had better get a move on! BTW Happy New Year to you and Dan.

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