And another step back

My new sink arrived.  It was beautiful, except for the bonus drainage hole in the side.  It appears that the sink accessories weren’t very well packed and in shipping, crashed into the bottom and broke it.  I wonder if the super cold weather made it more brittle?  Another one is on the way, due to be delivered during our next snowstorm.  Huh.

The new laminate also arrived, and looks great.  It is too unwieldy for a photo at this point.  I hope the sink arrives for this weekend, when we plan to tackle the installation of sink and laminate.

The weather forecast is calling for up to 6 inches today and tonight, and an additional foot or more of snow Wednesday.  Maybe we’ll have an extra snow day to work on completing the track light. Spring arrives in 48 days!


12 Responses to “And another step back”

  1. Mustard Says:

    Oh gee! Too bad about the sink. I’m sick of snow. Can’t wait for spring.

    • Ali Says:

      I am sick of snow as well…. and longing for spring. Soon the days will be 10 hours long, and then we’ll feel the change in the weather.

  2. grafixmuse Says:

    Oh that so sucks! I hope the replacement sink arrives safe and sound.

  3. Robin Says:

    Oh no…..always something!! Well, hopefully the new one will get there in time for a fun DIY weekend!! What is the color name and brand of your laminate??? I’m just so nosey..I want to look it up!

  4. Robin Says:

    Oh, that’s really nice! Our laminate is rustic slate by Wilsonart. It was installed right before our wedding and we just love it! We would have installed a solid surface material…but, we were planning to move in a few years…now, I’m not so sure about the moving.

    Can’t wait to see the counter and that sink when it’s installed!!

  5. kathi Says:

    Oh, how frustrating, just when you want to get on with it! We too are sick of snow, another big dump plus high winds here in NB tomorrow. Every storm means more to melt and longer to wait for the garden to appear…sigh.

  6. nruit Says:

    Wish our new sink was getting installed as quickly as yours seems to be! We got a one-bowl sink as a replacement for our double bowl two years ago. Hasn’t gotten in yet! You guys are great!

  7. meemsnyc Says:

    Ugh, sorry about the broken sink. This happened to my father-in-law also. He was going to install a new porcelein sink until he noticed a chip in the front. Glad they can send you a new one.

  8. Robin Says:

    Oh no that is awful. I hate it when you get something and then find out a piece of it is broken.

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