Lit up


Today was a long day, but we have a freshly painted ceiling, and track lighting.



Old house renovation is a real test of love, but we passed.


15 Responses to “Lit up”

  1. chook Says:

    an inspiration to all of us with old, outdated kitchens!

  2. grafixmuse Says:

    Oh, the track lighting is wonderful!

  3. Ali Says:

    The problem with these projects is climbing up onto the step ladder, and looking into the upper cabinets. Apparently my cleaning staff has been on hiatus.

  4. meemsnyc Says:

    It looks wonderful!!

  5. Robin Says:

    Yeah!! Looks Good!! I have the same problem with my cleaning staff :)

  6. nruit Says:

    Wow! Love it :*)

  7. kitsapfg Says:

    The beauty of being fairly short is that I generally am oblivious to the dirt that accumulates above the fridge and on top shelfs. So annoying when you get on the step ladder and realize it is there. Then you feel compelled to do something about it!

    The project turned out great!

    • Ali Says:

      You nailed it. I was totally ok with the status quo, but now I am thinking way to much about the need to clean those cabinets! Dang!

  8. Sara Says:

    Looks great! I think the track lighting fits in well. Also, I think we have the same stove, ha ha.

    We’ve struggled with under-cabinet lighting, and are not very happy with what’s available. This looks like a good alternative, might have to show these to D.

    • Ali Says:

      I was hoping that LED lights would work, but they are still too weirdly colored. I know I’m going to suffer in the future when we all have to use LED or fluorescent lighting, becasue I just don’t like it. Nothing beats incandescent lighting for warmth. And if you only turn it on when you are in the room, it does reduce the energy used.

      • Sara Says:

        Yeah the LEDs just aren’t bright enough for task lighting yet, I don’t think (at least the ones I can afford!) I keep hoping if we wait long enough to remodel the technology will catch up, ha!

        We have halogen/xenon right now, and they are awesome for working but hot and the bulbs burn out way too fast.

  9. Laurie Meunier Graves Says:

    It looks smashing! Great job!

  10. trudy Says:

    I try to be Green, but LED light is pretty bad. I am basically happy with CFLs, as long as I pay attention to the wavelength to get a good color. I have stocked up on incandescents for my reading area, because I do seem to get a headache if I am under CFLs for a long period of time.

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