5 stitches later, the backsplash is (mostly) in

I had a slight snag today when finishing up the backsplash.  A little slip of the sharp utility knife and I had a deep cut on my thumb, naturally occurring after my doctors’ office (which has Sunday hours!) closed, argh.  So it was off to the

ER for a few stitches.  I did manage to get most of it installed.  There are probably three more panels to install on the stove wall, but they will have to wait until next weekend.

Before I cut my finger, I managed to finish painting under the sink, and the wall between the stove and the counter.

I especially like the adhesive covering for the outlet and switchplate covers.  It went on pretty easily and really blends into the backsplash.  I used a nice sharp Exacto knife to cut the holes for the outlets, screws and switch. Once that is done, we will install a slim piece of black molding at the bottom of the backsplash and seal it with silicone caulk.

I need to install some hooks and/or shelves under the sink cabinet and give the sink cabinet doors a good cleaning, but the end is in sight.  My thumb will slow me down a bit but by next Sunday I should be healed enough to make some soil blocks and start some seeds.  That’s good, because we’ve had a lot of snow-dissolving rain and mild temps and the snow is melting!

Yay spring!


10 Responses to “5 stitches later, the backsplash is (mostly) in”

  1. nruit Says:

    OMG! So sorry that you had an injury. 5 stitches is a pretty good slice :*(

    It looks gorgeous. I am enjoying the progress you two are making on it! I hope you heal quickly!

  2. Anie's Granny Says:

    OUCH! At least you’re getting a beautiful kitchen, even if it is rather painful!

  3. meemsnyc Says:

    Ouchie, sorry to hear about the stitches! If it’s any consolation, your kitchen looks amazing! Nice work.

  4. kitsapFG Says:

    Sorry to hear about your poor thumb! I hope it heals quickly because your seed starting season is approaching! The kitchen is looking gorgeous.

  5. Gail Fines Says:

    I love the look of your kitchen! It’s so warm and inviting. I love the look of door-less cabinets, I haven’t done it because keeping them orderly is a daunting task. So sorry you cut yourself. I hope it heals quickly so you can finish up and start those seeds.

  6. Karen Anne Says:

    I like the no doors on the upper cabinets too.

  7. Laurie Meunier Graves Says:

    That’s a lot of stitches for one little thumb! May your recovery be speedy. And what a beautiful kitchen.

  8. Lisa Says:

    Sorry about the stitches but the backsplash is really great!!

  9. Sara Says:

    Yowch! Sorry to hear about that, those utility knives are notorious for accidents. I really like the back-splash with the countertops, glad the rest of the project is going smoothly.

  10. Robin Says:

    Ouch. I hope it heals nicely. Lee had 5 stitches not all that long ago in his finger. He says it still doesn’t feel normal. :(

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