A big, glorious moon

Don’t miss tomorrow’s Full Moon,the largest Perigee moon in nearly 20 years.  The elliptical orbit of the moon moves it closer to the earth at perigee, and every 19 or so years, that orbit will coincide with the full moon, making the moon appear about 14% bigger and 30% brighter than the norm.  With clear skies in Maine forecast for tomorrow night, it should be a beautiful sight.  For more info, check out this NASA article on the Perigee moon.

4 Responses to “A big, glorious moon”

  1. Danni Says:

    Oooooh, you guys are so lucky having clear skies in the forecast! I was reading about this – it’s going to be really something!

    • Ali Says:

      Well Danni, forecast be damned, it was snowing this morning :-( The sun has come out now though, so I am hoping we will have clear skies.

  2. Laurie Meunier Graves Says:

    And, the night of the full moon just happens to be my husband’s and my 34th wedding anniversary. If it’s not too cold, we will go on moonlight walk.

    • Ali Says:

      Laurie, Felicitations to you and Clif on this momentous achievement! Dan and I selected our wedding date based on the moon — a full moon seems to be an auspicious signal. Best wishes on many more happy and healthy years together!

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