Welcome, Spring!

Happy Spring!  Despite the fore cast for snow later today, it does feel like spring is progressing.  Much of the snow in the backyard is gone, and the garden is beginning to show signs of melting.  Friday we had unusually warm temps in the 50s with a lot of wind, and the snow just disappeared.  Early in the day it was mid-shin, by the day’s end, the snow in my footprints had melted to the bare ground. The large piles of snow alongside the hoophouse have retreated, and parts of the raised bed where I planted the garlic are emerging.

I finally got into the hoophouse to take a look at the state of the overwintered crops. Some of the radicchio, endive and escarole survived, and some lettuce, too (I think Winter Density but need to check my notes).  Another patch of supposed winter hardy lettuce did not fair so well, with only 2 plants surviving.


surviving lettuce

My late-seeded spinach has spottily germinated, and is slowly growing.  I definitely planted it too late this fall. Early October appears to be the optimal date for planting and overwintering in the hoophouse based on my April 2010 harvest success.  I just need to get it done.  I may pre-sprout some spinach seeds to plant in there to fill in the spaces.  I’d like to sow a lot more in the hoophouse, but the soil in the beds is still very wet.  We’ve more snow and rain predicted for the week, so instead  I will sow some flats with an assortment of lettuces for transplanting.

Soon, we’ll be enjoying our own lettuce again.  Happy Spring, everyone!







3 Responses to “Welcome, Spring!”

  1. Gwen Says:

    Happy spring and good eating. :)

  2. Tessa @ Blunders with Shoots, Blossoms 'n Roots Says:

    Happy Spring to you. I love it when things come to life. I’m so glad I moved to a colder climate so I could be in awe every spring!

  3. Daphne Gould Says:

    Our first full day of spring had a snow storm. Luckily none of it stuck even though it snowed all day long. I think our ground has finally warmed up a bit. It does refreeze each night though.

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