April Foolishness

No, this is not a prank forecast.  Sob.

8 Responses to “April Foolishness”

  1. villager Says:

    Yikes, 8-12 inches for Friday? We may get some flurries tonight, but that’s all they’re calling for.

  2. Sara Says:

    Oh you poor dears! We have snow in the forecast for April Fools too, but less than an inch…thank goodness!

  3. Robin Says:

    I really feel for you…I do. I’m complaining about maybe 1-3″ if that.

  4. Linda Says:

    I’m there with you- saying goodbye to our little crocus.

  5. GrafixMuse Says:

    I posted the exact same thing on my blog this morning. Just when we were seeing progress on the snow melting. This is so unfair :(

  6. Jennifer Fisk Says:

    This will not be the first April Fools Day wet snowstorm I’ve seen in Maine in the last 40 years. Not to worry, it will melt into our gardens and we’ll be happy. I waved off my plow man did you?

  7. Julie Says:

    We are prepared here at Dog Trot Farm, golden vanilla ice cream and maple syrup, let it snow!

  8. Annie's Granny Says:


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