Soggy days

Randrops clouding my view

Since Sunday, we’ve had almost 3″ of rain, and as I write this, we are having another downpour.  Sigh.  Think my potatoes have drowned yet?

I’ve been consoling myself with the thought that Sunday the skies were supposed to clear.

Then I looked at the forecast this morning.

Suddenly, I’m having flashbacks to the summer of ’09 which led to the dreadful Henbogle tomato famine.  Waaaa.

I suppose I shouldn’t whine, as the Kennebec River, just a stone’s throw from my house, is still within its banks.  For now.


7 Responses to “Soggy days”

  1. Karen Anne Says:

    Too…much…rain… Here in RI also.

  2. Daphne Gould Says:

    Thomas was thinking the same thing. But I did remind him that it took two things for the tomato famine to take hold. The first was the weather. The second was the importation of infected plants by the big box stores. We could get some bad early blight though (which tomatoes can out grow). I’ve got my tomatoes covered to try to protect them, but the covers will have to come off soon as it will cook them when we do get breaks of sun.

  3. kitsapFG Says:

    definitely been cool and wet here on the west coast this year too. I have kept my tomatoes under cover and it has only been yesterday and today that they have had full days out of the cover. The cover goes back on tonight though as the weekend forecast calls for showers. I don’t want the vegetation on these plants getting wet AND cold – they are well accustomed to the cool and do fine with that so long as they are also not soaked.

  4. Laurie Graves Says:

    I share the pain. Too many gray days in the neighborhood.

  5. Kate@LivingTheFrugalLife Says:

    We haven’t gotten the amount of precipitation you have (in terms of inches), but it has been a thoroughly sodden week here too. You’re not the only one having flashbacks to ’09! I’m worried too. I’m going to start a batch of anti-fungal fermented spray today: nettles, horsetail, comfrey, etc. That’ll take a while though, so I may do a straight tea of dried horsetail for more immediate application to potatoes and squash. Let’s keep our fingers crossed…

  6. Jennifer Fisk Says:

    I think we’ve all had 2009 flash backs. Rising gas prices, rain, rain and more rain broken up by overcast or fog, and people talking about a double dip. This can’t be happening again.

  7. Sara Says:

    We in the opposite boat, tons of rain predicted but all the systems have missed us. Pretty dry for this time of year. Though after the storms that went around us yesterday I’m just as glad to not have had the hail (or worse!). I guess we just have to count our blessings. Here’s hoping you dry out soon!

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