Pole beans and peppers

weedy hoophouse

halfway to peppers

Yesterday was a big day in the garden.  We’d had some big thunderstorms during the night and received about 3/4″ of needed rain. In the morning, everything in the garden looked greener and larger, as though an overnight growth spurt occurred.   The sun was out, skies were clear but the temps not too hot, and I was out working by 6:30, as I had a lot to do and wanted to finish before the heat of the day.

First up was adding some shade cloth to the hoophouse.  I’ve used shade cloth before for salad greens in the summer and it made a big difference.  I wanted to get that on the hoophouse first thing hoping it would be cooler while I worked in there.  It was time to make some room for the rest of my pepper plants and more cukes and melons.

I pulled all the remaining spinach (and some lettuce) and gave the area a thorough weeding, then added compost, watered well and laid down solar mulch.  There is still a bit of lettuce and the green garlic area to weed and pull to make room for other heat lovers.  Once the that was done, I planted the remaining peppers and a Pineapple tomato in the hoophouse.  I had to give my sage and thyme plants a drastic pruning, but I think they will recover, and in the meantime, I sense some parmesan sage sauce, or maybe some pizza with sage, on the horizon.

peppers planted

By that time, shade cloth or no, it was hot in the hoophouse, so I moved outside to other tasks.  While I’d been dithering about where to plant squash, no squash had been planted, so I finally decided the squash would go in between the brassica bed and the potatoes.  It has already been covered in plastic mulch so that went quickly.  I also planted some cukes there, and will plant another batch there too.  I will make some remesh cages for the cukes to climb.

Next, I weeded the center bed and planted pole beans.  I had earlier turned the soil, added compost and lightly fertilized, so all it needed was a quick weeding.  Like the cukes, we are using 2 remesh cages to grow the pole beans this year, as our old bean poles were getting brittle and needed replacing.  In the center of the cage I laid some cardboard as weed prevention.  I need to add a bit more but didn’t have any handy, so went ahead and planted hoping I’ll get the remaining ground covered before the beans or weeds sprout.  I have some lettuce starts to plant in the area around the pole beans, and I poked some nasturtium seeds about here and there for color and edible blooms.

pole bean supports

Most of the potatoes are up and growing like weeds.  A couple of them not so much, so I need to replant this weekend.  The rest though were hilled again, which also served to weed a bit.  The next step for these will be to make some short remesh cages for each plant to make it easier to hill them up and encourage more tubers.


Next, I took off the row cover to look at the brassicas, and well, we know what happened next.  Lunch!  After lunch I picked up a bit and spent the afternoon with a pal shopping before meeting Dan for a beer.  It was a busy day.

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  1. kitsapFG Says:

    You had a busy day indeed! Rain really is like a tonic for plants – the growth afterwards is much greater than if you had just irrigated the same amount. Someone told me once, that this is a true phenomenon (not just our imaginations) and it is due to nitrogen in the air being captured by the rain on it’s fall and released to the plants when the rain contacts the plant and soil. Not sure if this is true or not but the observable effect rain has on plants lends credibility to it.

    • Ali Says:

      Laura, that’s good to hear as it is raining just now as I type this. It was getting a bit dry, but Monday would have been soon enough for a rain day…. now I’ll have to do some housekeeping today:-/

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