Look, more room!

We just had to move the fence a bit, and voila, more room for squash and beans appeared.  Oh and some Brussels sprouts, too.  Hooray!  Dan tilled the soil with the mini tiller and helped me lay out the mulch.  I used the last of the IRT mulch for the squash, as the planting configuration will make weeding a bit challenging.

In front of the squash, directly in front of the hoophouse, I block planted Royal Burgundy bush beans, 9 per square.  I used that spacing last year and it worked well.  It is definitely a bit crowded in front of the hoophouse and that gate, but we’ll manage.  I have more of that low white fencing somewhere, and I’ll put that in front of the beans to help keep us from stepping on them.

I put a short row of Brussels sprouts in front, also under plastic.  They were way ready to be planted, so I was happy to get them in the ground.  Here’s hoping for a bountiful crop of one of my favorite veggies.

With this last bit of planting the garden is mostly planted.  I picked up some replacement red slicing tomatoes at the Farmer’s Market today which I will need to plant tomorrow, and I have a few more places to plant things, but now I need to concentrate on starting my fall transplants and succession planting salad greens.  I have an idea to make that easier to try out, too.  But for now, time to move on to some home maintenance projects as the list is never ending.


3 Responses to “Look, more room!”

  1. Robin Says:

    There’s nothing better then finding more space in your garden!! Boy, I’m going to have to start some fall crops soon as well. It seems like I just got done germinating the spring and summer crops!

  2. Sara Says:

    Hooray for impulse garden expansion!

  3. kitsapFG Says:

    Additional garden space is a real treasure! Looks like you have put this to good use right away too. I am definitely in the ramp up mode for fall crops now too. I have cabbages and broccoli started already and will be starting some more kale and swiss chard in about a week. I ordered some salad and bunching onion seeds and when they arrive, I am intending to direct seed them in the garden to establish a bed of green onions for winter harvest.

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