Harvest Monday: Broccoli bonanza

This has been an amazing year for brassicas.  They loved the cool wet spring, and cool though drier June, and are showing it with ample harvests and side shoots.  The past week I picked over 3 lbs. of broccoli.  I served it steamed with butter and salt, blanched in a noodle salad with peanut dressing, and blanched with dip at Dan’s birthday party last night.  Its a good thing we love it, as we will be eating more this week.

We’ve enjoyed cauliflower (1 lb. 15 oz.), too and some amazingly sweet cabbage (2 lbs.).   Unfortunately, I needed to purchase carrots for the coleslaw as I always struggle with carrots, and mine have been munched a bit so are nowhere near ready.  Ah well.

The lettuce continues to roll in despite munching –good thing I over planted — and yesterday we enjoyed our first snap peas (11 oz.) blanched with dip.  Earlier this week I harvested all of my main crop garlic scapes (27 oz.) and made and froze garlic scape pesto.  WOW, what an amazing scent — I was a bit worried the ice cream in the freezer would taste like garlic, but it was ok.  I still have more scapes in the hoophouse growing from the bulbils I planted last fall, which I’ve been using here and there and counting with my herb count (that lone tiny onion in there was injured, therefore harvested and not counted).

My other big harvest this week are the shallots.  I dug all of them and they are now curing, unweighed.  Once they’ve cured I will weigh them and try and find a price for them.  Throw in 2 lbs. of lettuce and a few herbs and the total this week comes to 11.47 lbs. of deliciousness!

The garden looks good, with the potatoes in blossom and tiny cukes setting on my Socrates early cucumber plants.  Of course I’ve been seeing lots of striped cucumber beetles, and failed to plant a trap crop of Blue Hubbard Squash somewhere, but I’ve been trying some neem oil and am hoping for the best.  I just don’t have room to let them sprawl and cover them with row cover.  Maybe next week I’ll have some new potatoes and cucumbers to report!

The the weeks total was 11.47 lbs., with my 2011 total 47.00 lbs. valued at $175.05.  I’m still well below my expenses this year at $-208.01 when taking my expenses of $383.06 into consideration.  I hope those shallots are spendy!

This post is part of Daphne’s Harvest Monday series, where gardeners across the globe stop in to her blog to report on whose is bigger.  Check it out and marvel at the great diversity and creativity of gardens and gardeners.


7 Responses to “Harvest Monday: Broccoli bonanza”

  1. Allison @ Novice Life Says:

    Shallots – what a treat! I never think to grow them until it is too late in the season!

  2. kitsapFG Says:

    Shallots are quite spendy here – so odds are good you will find they are there too. That potato patch looks lush and healthy. Our brassicas have been having a great year too. All this cool and damp has been much to their liking – same with the lettuces and the celery. Cannot say as much for the cucurbit family plants – they are seriously pouting.

  3. Laurie Graves Says:

    Ah, summer! What wonderful flavors.

  4. Villager Says:

    I’m glad you’re having a bumper brassica harvest. We had too much rain for ours to be happy. Love those garlic scapes! We’ve got a couple of jars of pesto in the freezer, and now it’s almost time for basil pesto.

    I’ve not seen those French shallots in the store lately, but I’m guessing they would be pricey. Yours are lovely! I’ve not been very successful at growing shallots in the past. I never got enough to justify the planting cost.

  5. Hanni Says:

    Shallots! I’ve never even THOUGHT of planting those! Everything looks so good in your garden. :)

  6. Daphne Says:

    Shallots are expensive, so that will help your total out. We have been too hot to get a great broccoli harvest, but it has been better than any other year. I haven’t quite got broccoli down yet. I think I need to play with varieties to see what likes my garden.

  7. Robin Says:

    I’m with Villager on the brassica harvest. This is the worst year I have ever had with broccoli and cauliflower. The cabbage is doing fine though.

    I only tried to grow shallots once and they rotted. I’m sure that you are really going to enjoy them!

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