And the garden explodes

We drove off, 2 happy campers, just as the heatwave struck Maine, leaving poor Mom to water and harvest just as the garden really started producing.   She watered and harvested and ate well (I hope) while we were away, and we didn’t even bring her the Monica’s Chocolates we promised.  Sorry, Mom!  Next time for sure, since I didn’t get any, either.

We arrived home from the cool (down sleeping bag blanket needed) coastal waters to blazing heat and a crispy lawn.  The garden still looks lush thanks to Mom, and boy is it producing!  The peas (Cascadia) have been amazingly good, although they are about done now.  A second planting was munched on to the point where I pulled them, dang rabbit!  So the peas are done for this year.

The blueberries are beginning to come in.  I hope we will get a good crop but I think between the cool spring reducing pollination and the dry weather we will be below last years’ harvest.  They taste great, though. This fall I am planning to move these bushes to make the vegetable garden a skinch bigger and add some room for a row or 2 of raspberries.  But we’ll see… Dan and I have a new exciting project on the horizon for next summer which may put the raspberries on hold.  More on that later.

Cucumbers are prolific and tasty.  This variety is Socrates, and can be planted early.  It has done great despite the best efforts of my nemesis, the striped cucumber beetle.  I am hedging my bets with 2 succession plantings though.  For those plantings I am using tomato cages.

We finally have some squash blossoms, so maybe I’ll get some squash after all.I believe these are Confection, or possibly Honey Bear.  Labeling is so not my strong point.  I will know later when they begin to fruit who is what.  I hope!

The potatoes have sprawled into the row.  I think next year I will try cages similar to the tomato cages but much shorter for them.  They are so sprawled out now I don’t know how to add additional compost to hill them.

The tomatoes have as usual, gone totally crazy while we were away.  They have grown out of the cages and are now crowing the peppers.  I need to get in there and do some serious pruning.  I am seeing green tomatoes here and there, but no ripening is in sight.  Sigh.  I thought I might have some cherry tomatoes ready when we returned, but no such luck.

Basil seedlings are looking good, they handled the heat well thanks to excellent care by the Mom.  I am looking forward to basil and tomatoes…..  The carrots in front of them are looking great.  I am hoping to get some more carrots seeded for a fall crop somewhere.  If I could get them going in the hoophouse that would be great, but it is pretty hot in there.  Ideas, anyone?

The pole beans are recovering well from an early munching.  No flowers yet, but soon I suspect we will see some blossoming.  The purple bush beans are beginning to blossom so I am anticipating some good eating soon.  Some more lettuce, Green deers Tongue, is at the base of the pole bean cage.

I did not get the garlic pulled before we left for Cobscook, so that is on the list for today or tomorrow.  I also have the Candy Sweet onions looking ready to pull, too.  Once the garlic and onions are pulled, I will have some more space for some additional onion seedlings I have going.  I did plant some leeks and onions last week before we headed out where the shallots were after amending the soil with some compost and fertilizer.

I will have some extra space available so I am thinking my kale seedlings and some more broccoli starts will go in there as well.  I also need to pull some of the brassicas to make way for more seedlings.  It has been an excellent year for cole crops.

Camping was great, but it is good to be home, too.

Dan utilizes a cigar to keep the bugs at bay


6 Responses to “And the garden explodes”

  1. Julie Says:

    Ali, How fortunate you and Dan are to have your own personal house-garden-animal-sitter! “Mom” certainly earned her keep. How delightful your vacation must have been, Cobscook Bay is such a magical place. Your gardens are absolutely amazing, they never disappoint. I hope your “girls” are well and managing this heat. Looking forward to future garden and hen photos, and possibly a recipe or two? Hugs, Julie.

  2. Robin Says:

    I hope that you had a wonderful week camping! We just love camping…it is so relaxing!

    It looks like Mom did a great job tending to the garden!

  3. Daphne Says:

    Coming back from a vacation is always fun. Things change so much.

  4. Jennifer Fisk Says:

    I haven’t been to Cobscook for a few years but it is just the best place. Have you ever made a trip to St. Stephens for Ganong’s chocolates? Worth the trip.

  5. Kate@LivingTheFrugalLife Says:

    My garden is exploding too, even if I must in all honesty count the weeds among those explosions. I’ve just started a bunch of stuff indoors for succession planting in a month or so. They need the protection from all this insane heat. Kale and piracicaba are definitely among the candidates for stocking the hoop house for late fall and winter, if it ever gets built. I should be on top of my garden game in July, but somehow it just never seems to happen that way.

  6. nruit Says:

    Glad to hear that you had a wonderful time in Cobscook Bay, but then I can’t imagine how you couldn’t! Lovely garden. Ours is finally looking like it will be productive as well. Yay for summer :*)

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