2011 garlic harvest

I dug the garlic yesterday, just in time for a gentle rain shower last night (hooray!).  Including the 3 bulbs we have already eaten (yum), I harvested 51 bulbs of garlic.  I planted it last fall in late October, amending the soil at planting time with compost and Plant Tone fertilizer.  This year, I gave it 2 foliar feedings of fish emulsion, one in early spring and one in early summer.

The heads look good, in general larger than last years and in better shape, which they should be considering no hungry hens were allowed to snack on the greens this year.  As the weather has moderated, I have them placed on screens in the attic of our barn to cure, but if the weather gets very hot again, I will find a cooler spot to finish curing them.

I planted 50 cloves this year as last years’ garlic didn’t keep into the summer.   I thought 50 bulbs would last as long as it would keep for me, using about a head per week, with more some weeks.  The fresh garlic tastes so good, though, we can hardly stop eating it, so I may have shorted us a bit, but oh well! I also think I may pass on trying the garlic-wine jelly I was considering.

I have a friend who is a long-time garlic grower coming to dinner this week so I will check with David to see what he thinks about places to cure and store my harvest.  Should the temperatures skyrocket again, well, I’m thinking the dining room might need some vampire deterrent while it cures.

Unless I see otherwise, I will again value my garlic as my local farmer’s market does, at $.75 per head.  With 51 heads, that equals $38.25 and goes a long way toward putting Henbogle garden in the black for the year.


4 Responses to “2011 garlic harvest”

  1. O. Says:

    Our local market price for garlic is $1 per head.

  2. emily Says:

    I harvested my garlic yesterday too, after the hot weekend and before we got rain last night. Mine is hanging in the lean-to attached the the chicken coop. It should get good cross breezes there to dry, but stay out of the sun.

  3. Villager Says:

    Fresh dug garlic is pretty wonderful, and I can’t get enough of it either! I think I need to bump up my price for garlic in my tracking spreadsheet. I’ve been using $6/lb, but that works out to be only about .50 per bulb. I’ll bet your barn smells good with all that garlic curing!

  4. Jennifer Fisk Says:

    I just dug mine this afternoon, tied it into bunches and put on the TV antenna in the garage attic. Do you wash yours before you let it cure? I’ve always been told not to but that would save work down the road a couple of weeks.

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