Harvest Monday: Back in the black

Whoo hoo, this post marks the Henbogle produce department finally showing a profit.  Thanks in no small part to picking over 5.5 lbs. of blueberries and 48 heads of garlic, my garden spreadsheet is in the black at last.  This is a far cry from last year, when I was in the black for my June 28 Harvest Monday post.   Granted, last years’ expenses were a mere $317 compared to my spendy year thus far at $383.  The roll of remesh was spendy at almost $95 dollars, but so far I’m happy with it.

This weeks harvests included a zucchini (6 oz.) and the first two Flying Saucers patty pan squash (4.5 oz.), another 1 .5 lbs. of broccoli side shoots, over 6 lbs. of cucumbers, 7 oz. of herbs, 48 heads of garlic and the aforementioned blueberries.  We also had some lettuce (which I apparently forgot to weigh as it isn’t on the spreadsheet), which became part of a delicious nicoise salad that featured some new potatoes I harvested last week.

We are still eagerly awaiting homegrown tomatoes and green beans, but at least the hard work I’ve put in thus far is paying off.

This weeks total harvested came to 17 lbs. bringing the total weight of harvests this year to 96 lbs. valued at $406.69.  Less my expenses of $383.06, that brings the total value of harvests this year  $23.63.  Hooray, once again, my habit is justified in terms of household economics.

This post is part of Daphne’s Harvest Monday series, where gardeners share what they are harvesting and eating from their gardens.  Check it out on her blog, Daphne’s Dandelions.


11 Responses to “Harvest Monday: Back in the black”

  1. emily Says:

    Congrats on getting in the black! While I track both my expenses and harvests, I haven’t compared the two to see if my gain outweighs my expense. Maybe I should take a look :)

  2. Robin Says:

    It’s always good to be in the black! I really have to add a line to my harvest spreadsheet to calculate what our harvests are worth.

    Boy that salad looks yummy….better go make some lunch!

    • Ali Says:

      I found it really eye opening to track this last year. Then, with the spreadsheet all set up, it seemed easy to do it this year, too.

  3. Shawn Ann Says:

    My husband often wonders if all the money I put in to our garden is worth it. I tell him I shop very little in the produce dept in the summer! Should be worth it! Your basket of veggies looks good!

  4. Laurie Graves Says:

    It’s very interesting in the difference between last year and this year. Must be the weather, don’t you think? Too much heat this year? Also, that salad looks great!

    • Ali Says:

      Laurie, I think the difference was poor hoophouse management and a cool spring. I did not get enough planted in the hoophouse in the fall, and that led to poor harvests this spring. Combined with a late planting year, that has put me behind.

  5. Ben Czajkowski Says:

    Your basket makes for a cute garden picture. And you got a nice harvest this week, it seems :)

  6. Spencer Says:

    Great harvest. I am always nervous about comparing harvest and expenses. I work really hard to keep expenses down though. Do you share your spreadsheet?

  7. Daphne Says:

    Whoohoo indeed. And that salad looks delicious.

  8. Sherry Says:

    Nice harvest! I’m so jealous of your blueberry harvest and the Flying Saucer patty pan looks interesting.

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