A big blowhard

Dan and I spent most of Saturday preparing for Hurricane Irene.  Although Saturday’s forecasts indicated she was weakening, gusts of 55 mph were being predicted, and up to 7 inches of rain.

Fearing the worst for the garden, Dan and I scoured the garden for whatever was ready, or close enough to pick.  We found lots of tomatoes, a third picking of our bush beans, squash, and more tomatoes, which are finally beginning the flood.

I picked up loose objects and stored them, and pondered the wall of tomatoes and the hoophouse.  I finally realized that there wasn’t much I could do for either the tomatoes, as they are in the cages, intertwined thoroughly, and against the fence, or the hoophouse.  Thus far they both appear to be ok.  I’m sure being tucked in amidst the neighbors’ trees helps reduce the impact of the wind.

In between garden duty, we also took down the shade sails and moved small planters and lightweight objects into the barn.  In the midst of all that, I observed the toad versus snake drama.

We decided that the girls would be secured in Henbogle coop for the day today, so we freshened up the bedding, made sure they had a full container of fresh water, and gave them plenty of food.  Early this morning I could hear them demanding their freedom, but while I’m sure they are unhappy inside, they would no doubt be wet, miserable and possibly inadvertently airborne had we let them outside.

Today Irene has arrived with rain and wind.  As of 10 am we’d had a bit over an inch, by now it will be more I’m sure as we’ve had more periods of heavy rain.  So far the electricity has remained on, making it easy for me to turn some of those tomatoes into roasted tomato sauce.

Forecasts now call for gusts of 30+ mph and 3-5 inches of rain.  I’m hoping we top out at 3, but it is too early to say.  I hope gardeners south of me fared as well as I have thus far.


4 Responses to “A big blowhard”

  1. Julie Says:

    Hi Allie and Dan, hope you are fairing well, the wind has really picked up here within the past hour. Girls safely in their coop, a few fallen limbs here and there. Sadly, I just noticed a young Hawthorne tree snapped into. GRRRRR! Stay safe, Julie.

  2. S Says:

    Thinking of you guys in the path, thankfully it seems to have petered out a little bit, still rain and wind can still be a pain. Fingers crossed the hoop comes through–and the tomatoes!

  3. Emily Says:

    Here in NH we got 4 inches of rain and some wind. The chickens have been confused about it being confined today but I’m sure they’re safer that way. A sumac tree came down on the edge of the yard, just barely landing on the roof. No damage luckily. Looks like the garden made it out just fine. Hope you get by safe and sound too.

  4. Jennifer Fisk Says:

    On MDI, we got some strong wind gusts and a short down pour. Lots of green leaves on the ground. I too freshened the litter in the chicken house but didn’t close in the birds until the normal time. They are pretty smart about weather. The turkeys didn’t go in until the last minute as usual.
    I’ve been making sun dried tomatoes in the oven but your sauce looks great. Recipe?????

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