Harvest Monday: Tomatoes

This week finally saw the tomato harvest beginning in earnest, whoo hoo!  The first Pineapple tomato was ready, a beautiful large slicer, yellow blushed with red, tangy and delicious.  The first 2 had some damage from the evil tomato hornworm, but I could salvage the majority of the tomato.  I have seen some evidence of the hornworms, but as of yet have not actually found any of the worms.

The Sungolds continue to roll in, joined of late by the yellow currant and Matt’s wild cherry tomatoes.  Unfortunately, all of these tomatoes seem to be unruly space hogs and prone to cracking.  The Sungolds are so delicious that I will grow them regardless, and the Matt’s Wild get a pass due to their resistance to blight and other fungal diseases.  The yellow currants are new to me this year, and the first few have not wowed me with their taste.  My plan was to dry the currant tomatoes into little raisin-like treats to add to salads, but thus far I have not harvested enough to bother with getting out the dehydrator.  I hope to give it a try but it will depend on how the garden weathered the big storm.

This year I also tried a variety grown and recommended by Villager at Happy Acres, Juliet, a small paste-type.  They have proven to be amazingly prolific, if ginormous plants, with an excellent, tangy flavor.  They are typical of a paste tomato, being very dry and firm, with slightly tough skins.  I might have to try just a batch of these in a sauce to get a sense of the flavor.  Villager dries his, and I might try that if I haul the dehydrator out.

The beans continued to produce well, I have picked enough for a batch of dilly beans and frozen some for soups and stews through the winter as well as enjoyed some fresh.  I think I’ll get one more small picking from the bush beans, and with luck the pole beans will continue to produce until frost.

Broccoli production remains steady this week, with some bolted fall broccoli joining the side shoots I am still harvesting.  Cukes are fitfully producing, most of the plants have been killed off by the striped cucumber beetles and should be pulled.  Next year I need to space out the successions more.

I used a few more fingerling potatoes this week, and need to dig the rest as soon as things dry out a bit.

All told this week was a big harvest at over 36 lbs. bringing the value of this years harvests to $724.61 for a net value of $341.55 after expenses.  The total weight harvested this year amounts to slightly over 203 pounds.

This post is part of Daphne’s Harvest Monday series, where gardener’s post the weekly harvest totals.  Check it out and see how other gardeners fared this week.


2 Responses to “Harvest Monday: Tomatoes”

  1. Allison Says:

    Wow – that is a nice sized harvest!

  2. kitsapfg Says:

    Congratulations on having the tomatoes kick into higher production gears. I am expecting a similar stronger run on my tomatoes soon as we got a warm up for several days and some of the larger fruits are cracking color.

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