Irene damage

I’m sure things could have been worse, and I know others suffered more, but we are very sad here at Henbogle with significant damage to two mature trees, our beloved sugar maple, and the magnificent flowering crab that blooms reliably and beautifully every spring.

The sugar maple is a very old tree, with several trunks grown together, as sugar maples are wont to do.  Years ago, we had a local arborist cable the maple tree, and he has pruned it since, to keep it healthy and happy.  Unfortunately, Irene caused a large crack in the trunk, leaving the section closest to our barn at risk of falling into the barn, and we fear it will have to come down.

The flowering crab lost a major branch.  This will probably just require removal of that limb, but it is certain evidence that the tree is in decline.  We will have that tree thoroughly pruned again as well, and hope for the best.

The rest of the garden and yard fared reasonably well.  There were lots of small branches down littering the lawn.  The flowers in the deck garden were pretty much flattened.  If they don’t respond to being propped up I can just cut them back.

The vegetable garden came through pretty well.  The hoophouse did just fine, with the exception of a couple of end wall sections covered in non-greenhouse plastic.  The plastic just disintegrated in the wind, no doubt brittle from the UV exposure.  I will just need to replace that with greenhouse plastic, or even recover with regular heavy weight poly.

The primary damage in the veggie garden resulted from the sunflowers collapsing on the broccoli and squash plants.  I hope once I remove the sunflowers, the other plants will rebound, time will tell.

The hens were cranky from their imprisonment, but once freed this morning, happy with the fallen sunflowers and various tomatoes that fell off the vines into beak reach.

Some of the peppers in the hoophouse toppled over, but I will stake them and hope for the best.  All told, the veggie garden came through remarkably well.  I would have gladly traded even the hoophouse if it would have spared damage to my two lovely trees.  The hoophouse can be replaced; those trees are priceless.

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9 Responses to “Irene damage”

  1. O. Says:

    Glad you and Dan and the critters are safe and sound! so sorry about the trees. . .

  2. Robin Says:

    Sorry to hear about your trees! I am happy to hear that all of you are A-OK!

  3. Villager Says:

    It’s always sad to see tree damage like that. I know something has to get them all eventually, but that doesn’t make it any easier when it happens. Hopefully the veggies will be resilient and recover.

  4. S Says:

    Ooh, sorry about the trees–I know how we get attached to the big guys! Here’s hoping the damage isn’t as bad as you fear, sometimes trees can be resilient, just like the veggies! I suspect those (and the flowers) will bounce back fast. We’ve had hail storms that I thought would break my heart, but then you could hardly tell a few weeks later.

  5. kitsapfg Says:

    The damage to the trees is certainly sad to see. I hope you are able to keep both of them with some pruning and other repairs.

  6. Kate@LivingTheFrugalLife Says:

    Sorry to hear about the trees. They really are priceless members of the landscape.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    So sorry about those trees! As Kate from The Frugal Life so beautifully put it, “they really are priceless members of the landscape.”

  8. GrafixMuse Says:

    So sorry about the damage to your trees. I hope they recover.

  9. jeannie Says:

    I hope you can save your lovely tree that’s apart of lives! Trees are good listeners, and they never talk back. They just give us shade from the sun, shelter in light rains, oxygen to breath, sap for goodies, beautiful colors in the autumn, branches to swing fromin any season. I hope you can repair your friend.

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