Melon for breakfast at last

After 3 years of trying, at last I have a bouncing baby melon.  1 lb. 8 oz. of goodness.  It had slipped from the vine, so it may be a trifle overripe, but it was still tastier than the majority of supermarket melons I try.

There are a few more on the vine that I have high hopes for, but they’d better ripen right quick as the days and nights are cooling down.  This morning at 6 am it was only 45°F at Henbogle.

6 Responses to “Melon for breakfast at last”

  1. Robin Says:

    Congrats on your melon! We have had just a few melons here this year and boy are they tasty!

    It has been in the mid to low 50’s at night here. I am not ready for fall!

  2. GrafixMuse Says:

    Congratulations on your melon! I didn’t plant any this year and am missing them.

  3. kitsapfg Says:

    That is a gorgeos looking melon! I prefer a bit overripe to an underripe fruit. I used to be able to grow lots of beautiful melons when I lived on the sunny and warm side of the mountains in our state – but now that I live on the coastal (cool and cloudy) area melons are nigh onto a miracle to produce. Not impossible but a real challenge. Your persistence has paid off at last – enjoy those melons!

  4. Lisa and Robb Says:

    Wowie. I’m so impressed.

    I don’t think it gets warm enough where I am (Oakland California) to grow melons. Of course, if I drive over the hills, it’s ten to twenty degrees hotter. Crazy micro-climates.

    (Love the admonition about using the F-word.)

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