A big adventure

As the gardening season is winding down, Dan and I are getting into planning for next summer’s garden.  It will look a lot different than this summer, because we will be absent gardeners.  We are planning a Big Adventure next year, a summer-long road trip across the US, sea to shining sea, looping through as many of the beautiful and interesting places we’ve dreamed about as we can in 6 weeks of travel.

This does not mean the end of Henbogle (although during our trip it will be on hiatus).  We plan on continuing with the usual Henbogle content and as we approach departure, posting about our efforts to plan and plant a vegetable garden which will thrive on a summer of neglect.

We are still in the beginning stages of planning, and this is where we hope our friends across the land will help out.  What are the magical, beautiful, quirky, interesting places we should see on this great American road trip?  The more we look at this atlas, the more difficult it is to plan!  The Bitterroot Range through Idaho, or the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier?  Bryce Canyon or Arches?  Hell’s Canyon or Angel Falls?  We are asking you good people to tell us where to go –the chance of a lifetime!  To make it easier to tell us exactly where to go, please visit our new blog, Every Day is A Winding Road, where we’ll be planning and mapping our big adventure.  If we happen to be traveling through your general area, we would love to plan a meet-up.  Thanks for your help in planning our adventure.  I REALLY hope you will join us!


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  1. Kate@LivingTheFrugalLife Says:

    Hmmm…I don’t see any stops in PA marked on your trip. I can’t say I live in an area known for any big attractions. But we could certainly give you a place to rest your heads along the way and a nice meal. We’re pretty close to Rodale though, if that tempts you.

    An adventure sounds like great fun. I have no experience with untended gardens so I can’t advise there – other than burdock, which completely takes care of itself. But I’ll be very interested to see what you come up with.

    • Ali Says:

      Thanks, Kate. We will have to stop somewhere between Maine and Chicago, our first stop to see family, so maybe a visit could work. As we get closer let’s see if it will work. As for the burdock, I’ve got plenty of that in the margins! I’m thinking winter squash, maybe potatoes, dry beans, Brussels sprouts, leeks… what else?

  2. S Says:

    What fun! When I’ve dreamed of a no- or low-work garden year, I think about just planting winter squash and dry beans, potatoes, all stuff that can sit and doesn’t need a lot of pampering or preserving. But even just taking a season off (for such a great adventure) seems reasonable to me–you could plant a bunch of cover crops and give yourself and your garden beds a rest :)

    • Ali Says:

      I like the dried bean idea, and recently tasted some Dilly Sprouts which were to die for, so maybe some Brussels sprouts would work. As for a rest, I had a wicked childhood ;-)

  3. Rick Says:

    Wow, what a fun trip. A trip like that is on our bucket list as well. My advice as a Utahan would be Arches, Bryce is very pretty but you can’t miss the opportunity to go to Arches and Hike to Delicate Arch. There is nothing more beautiful!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, boy! I live in Denver. Actually, we just moved to Lakewood, which is a suburb on the west, or mountain, side of the city. I can recommend a visit to the Denver Botanic Gardens.

    I’ve been reading your blog for several months now, and enjoying it very much. I’ll be following your adventures, for sure.

    Marie H

  5. Ali Says:

    Marie, thanks for chiming in, we will certainly add the Denver Botanic Gardens to our list of possibilities. I hope you follow along with us, and chime in when you have suggestions!

  6. jeannie Says:

    Carls bad caverns in New Mexico Buddy says is great! He did the cross country for Eight Years! He may have some good suggestions. Give a Call!

  7. Jennifer Fisk Says:

    You don’t say when you’re starting out but I would suggest planting tomatoes in strong cages with plastic mulch to minimize splash. You can do cukes and summer squash on trellises. Certainly any root crops won’t need your TLC for the duration. Winter squash will just do what it does. Probably anything that needs to be picked to keep coming like broccoli and beans wouldn’t be a great choice. I really think a lot depends on your timing. I think I would be diligent from here on out this fall and early spring about slugs so you’ll have less of an issue with them. This is doable with some thought.

  8. Julie Says:

    WOW I am jealous. I would highly recommend a stop in Lancaster, Penn. Not the tourist trap, but one in which you are privileged to dine with an Amish family. The food is amazing, but it is the family and their warmth I will always remember and cherish. Oh, a peek into their pantry AMAZING! Happy October 1st.

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