Harvest Monday: Sorry pickings

This week saw the last of the tomatoes at Henbogle.  The wet cool weather ushered in my old pal Late Blight, and the tomatoes dropped like flies.  Overnight, the vines died, half-ripened tomatoes dropping as the plants died, littering the ground with the spoiled fruit.  Yuk.  The only holdout had been the Pineapple tomato in the hoophouse, but I knew it couldn’t last, and I was right. I picked the last of the tomatoes showing any color tonight.  As soon as I can stand it I’ll clean up the nasty slimy mess, but it won’t be pleasant.

The garden is winding down.  My harvest for this week was only 8.4 lbs., although I did not record all the squash I harvested, much of which was given away, for example this big boy being modeled by my dear friend Susanna.  I still have winter squash to harvest and weigh, and my fall greens are coming in, but at this point, between Hurricane Irene wind damage and the blight, the garden is an ugly mess, and I’ve been ignoring things hoping they would Go Away.  Sigh.

Ah well, the paltry harvest this week brings my yearly total to 314.68 lbs. valued at $1,101.21 for a net value less expenses of $718.58, and there is more to come. This is part of Daphne’s Harvest Monday series, wish the wonderful Daphne hosts on her blog, Daphne’s Dandelions.  Check it out to see what other gardeners are harvesting right now, there is a lot of gardening going on in the blogosphere.

I also have a few new projects in the works.  All those photos of juicy raspberries in the Harvest Monday posts did me in, so we are preparing a new bed for a raspberry patch, using the cardboard sod killing method I’ve written about many times before.  I hope to get the raspberries planted next spring before my next big project begins.  For details on that, tune in to my next post.


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  1. Robin Says:

    That dreaded late blight really does the tomatoes in pretty quick! At least you managed to get a few more before all the plants are pulled.

    Oh, I think that you are going to be very happy with your own raspberries next year!

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