Steve Jobs

Yesterday, the world lost a genius with Steve Jobs’ death.  He more than any other technology guru changed the way we communicate and connect with each other and our world.  At only 56, he was probably just reaching his peak, and who knows what we will miss out on with his death.  It is a sad day indeed.


2 Responses to “Steve Jobs”

  1. S Says:

    Its amazing how much he made a difference he made–we’re pretty big apple fans around here! :)

  2. Vin Says:

    Actually Nikola Tesla had a bigger impact being he invented Radio and the system of AC power distribution we use today. Most of what went into Apple computer was invented elsewhere but he was the one who best could decide how and when to put those pieces together. He was a very brilliant visionary. Visionaries can not be replaced by committees and let’s that he=is successor is at least %80 the Visionary Steve was.

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