Accidental cauliflower

Earlier this summer, when I harvested my spring crop of cauliflower, I didn’t get around to pulling the plants.  They were behind some other plants and so I just ignored them, thinking I’d pull them at some point for the hens.

Fast forward to today, when I finally get around to pulling the plants, and lo, what do I find?  Many of the cauliflower plants, like a cabbage will, grew another set of florets.  Bonus!  Had I given these heavy feeders a side dressing of fertilizer, maybe the heads would have been larger?  Small or not, we’ll be eating them.


5 Responses to “Accidental cauliflower”

  1. Vickie Says:

    Wow, lucky you. While cleaning the garden this year we found some cukes in the grass over the fence. Ate them today!

  2. Lisa and Robb Says:

    That’s awesome!

  3. O. Says:

    Slacker win!

  4. S Says:

    Well THAT answered my question, ha ha! How cool is that!

  5. eagergridlessbeaver Says:

    hidden treasure veggies, ‘..yar….you’ll be eatin’ cauliflower for minutes’ ( in a pirate accent )..groan.

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