Super sprouts for a snowy Sunday

The forecast was right.  It began snowing at about 8 pm and snowed hard all night,  big heavy wet flakes of snow.  This morning, the snow is packed down and doesn’t appear to be that much in volume, but the shrubs and plants bowing under the snow tell the tale more accurately.

To take my mind off the hideous weather, I tried a new recipe today, Dilly Brussels Sprouts.  I tasted some made by a Maine company, Mike’s Maine Pickles, and once tasted, had to make them for myself.  I found a recipe for them in my old Ball Blue Book, and yesterday at the farmer’s market, bought 7 stalks which became about 7 lbs of sprouts (I have 4 plants in my garden, but am saving them for fresh eating).

Dan helped me prep the sprouts last night, and this morning, I turned them into pickles. Here’s the recipe I used, from the 31 edition Ball Blue Book, published in 1988.  I noticed Mike’s recipe used dill weed and mustard seeds, and I did not.

I can hardly wait to taste them, but they should sit for about a month or so to mellow.  I’m counting the days….


8 Responses to “Super sprouts for a snowy Sunday”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Oooooo! And I have a key to your house…

  2. Prairie Cat Says:

    I can’t believe people are getting snow already! Our lovely, unpredictable midwest weather is high in the 40s one day, and then all the way up to 80 the next.

    If there is something to make snowy Octobers more bearable though, jars of salty, dilly concoctions would do the trick!

    • Ali Says:

      I can’t believe we are getting snow, either. Ugh. We have had a very mild fall up until now…

  3. Jennifer Fisk Says:

    The sun keeps popping out here on MDI and we only got about 3 inches.
    Those are beautiful brussels sprouts. Mine are still kind of smallish but they will probably taste pretty good.

  4. kitsapfg Says:

    Isnt’ it hard to wait the appropriate time to try out those pickled items?! If these are half as good as dilly green beans – the wait will be worth it!

  5. Rick Says:

    Wow, they look delicious!! That will have to go our our bucket list to try if we can ever get a decent amount of Brussels Sprouts to grow. Sorry to here about the early snow, we have snow on the way on Friday here in the west, but it is about on schedule for us.

  6. Robin Says:

    Have you tried them yet?? We have some Brussels sprouts out in the garden still. I absolutely love eating them so I’m not sure I can save any for pickling. :D

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