For the kitties

This is the second year I’ve grown catnip for the kitties.  I started it from seed and grew it in the raised bed area of the main veggie garden.  I haven’t had a problem with cats, perhaps because the garden is fenced in, but I’m happy that is the case. 

I harvested it earlier this year when the buds were well developed.  I cut several big bunches of it and hung it in the barn to dry.  Today I finally got around to processing it.

I simply rub the dry stalks between my hands over a large plastic tub.  Some of the stems break off, so I pick some out but don’t get too worked up over it.  Once the majority of leaves have come off the stalks, I give the stalks to Ocho, and crush the leaves up a bit more, then bag it.  This year I netted 4.5 ounces — that should be enough to keep the kitties happy for a while.

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  1. Robin Says:

    Our old man cat never did like catnip. I should see if Jack would like it.

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