Caught by the undertoad*

The tide swept in and washed over me, leaving me bobbing in the surf occasionally making it to the surface for air.  It now seems to be receding a bit, leaving me enough oxygen to write a post, something long on my list, but un-accomplished.

Despite a series of rainy weekends, we’ve been enjoying the long mild fall, which was only briefly interrupted by 10 inches of snow over Thanksgiving.  Yes, 10 inches, all gone now, which is a good thing as we still have not finished all the outside chores!  Here’s what we’ve been doing, in no particular order.

I made a delicious batch of soup featuring garden veggies and the fall kale.  Yum.

We picked all the Brussels sprouts in the garden the day before the snow — we got over 4 lbs of sprouts, and had them for Thanksgiving dinner.

We put out the birdfeeders for the winter.  I think it is appreciated.

Had our first snow to shovel on November 23. Thanksgiving Day itself was warm and sunny.

We gave the girls a special treat on Thanksgiving Day. At first, they weren’t sure what to make of the funky-colored kale.

But they figured it out.

I love this garland, filled with bird ornaments.

Had the usual massive pre-holiday cleaning and decorating, just in time to host friends for brunch, and a week later, four of my students.  (Having hens makes brunch an excellent party option, don’t you think?)  I must mention that I am especially proud of the student volunteers from our campus volunteer center, who raised $10,000 in 30 days from the local homeless shelter’s building campaign.  They collected over 400 donations, most less than $25!  They also got a matching donation from our campus this week for their efforts to reduce dorm damage during that month, adding another $5,000 to the total for a total donation to the shelter of over $15,000.  Incredible.

Did some shopping for a new pair of boots after the cheap ones I got at Tractor Supply cracked in less than a year.  Considering I wear them for about 10 minutes a day most days to tend to the hens, I wasn’t pleased, grrr.  The new boots are genuine rubber wellies from LL. Bean. I hope they last.  I think they look especially stylish with my kitty pajamas.

Today’s project is to finish modifications to the hendome, which will now be known as the Winter Palace.  Stay tuned.

*Does anyone remember that expression from The World According to Garp?


9 Responses to “Caught by the undertoad*”

  1. Robin Says:

    I have been wondering how you were doing! That’s an amazing job the students did on the fundraising!

    I purchased so called good boots last year and they also cracked. I really didn’t wear them much. I guess I have to check out the boots from LL Bean

    • Ali Says:

      Robin, I’m happy to report thus far I am very happy with th eLL Bean wellies. In cold weather they remain flexible, unlike my previous pair which god quite stiff and thus chafed, in the cold.

  2. Kate@LivingTheFrugalLife Says:

    Love your new wellies and pj’s. I’ve been up to similar sundry busy-nesses, though we got our 10″ of snow on Halloween instead of Thanksgiving. It seems that winter is finally rolling in to stay though. So a rest is finally on the horizon.

  3. S Says:

    Definitely remember the undertoad :) Its a good description of this time of year. Good to have you back.

  4. nruit Says:

    Great to hear from you guys! The undertoad it is!

  5. Jennifer Fisk Says:

    Your Brussel Sprouts look wonderful. The wild turkeys invaded my garden and ate all my kale and sprouts.
    Glad you’re back.

  6. Laurie Graves Says:

    So glad all is well with you! I’ve missed reading your posts. And that’s wonderful how much money was raised. Hooray for the students. Finally, those boots look smashing.

  7. Jean Says:

    Ali, I’m finally getting a chance to catch up with your blog (after almost being drowned by the undertoad myself!). Seeing your title instantly brought back memories of my favorite John Irving novel; maybe I’ll reread it during my longer-than-usual winter break. Happy holidays! -Jean

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