A sunny start to 2012

After a dreary freezing rain and drizzle yesterday which spoiled our travel plans, today dawned bright and sunny.  Dan and I decided we needed a breath of fresh air to start the year, so we headed for the coast to let the salt air and sea breeze blow away the cobwebs of 2011.

The sun shone, the temps in the upper 40s were warm enough that I abandoned my fleece jacket.  We clambered about the rocks, and I played a bit with my splendid new camera.  It was a nice day, and the parks were pretty busy with people out enjoying the weather.  I was so busy enjoying the coast and the company I didn’t actually take many photos, but here’s a couple.

Isn’t he cute? I just love that smile.

Trying out the self time feature.  Two seconds is NOT enough time.  Look at that blue sky!

I made it, but no Dan.  The exposure is a little off, but I haven’t learned how to adjust that feature yet.  Fortunately, Dan managed to snap the one of the two of us I used in the header file.

We enjoyed a nice seafood lunch, and then made our way back to Henbogle. We’ve been puttering about this week, working on our travel plans.  I ordered travel information from our primary destination states, and we joined AAA and ordered some maps and travel info from them, and this afternoon, we created a travel planning center from an as yet un-restored bookcase.

The stack of travel mags on the left of the center shelf includes Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana and South Dakota.  The stack on the right is all Oregon.  Oregon must have a very large travel and tourism budget.  For some reason, I forgot to order Washington state materials.  I’ll be fixing that right quick.

I think we’ll have enough maps.

Tomorrow we are working on New Years’ Resolution #1 — cleaning up the barn, getting ready for a project.  No before pictures to avoid self-incrimination.


8 Responses to “A sunny start to 2012”

  1. nruit Says:

    Planning a big trip is almost as fun as the actual trip. Enjoy!

  2. O. Says:

    What a gorgeous winter(?) day! Did you eat at the Sea Basket? :)

  3. S Says:

    What a beautiful day and great way to start the new year. Congrats on the new camera, perfect for a big trip (and good to practice ahead of time) What didja get? I finally got a DSLR this year, and I’m finding the learning curve is pretty steep!

    • Ali Says:

      I got a Canon Power Shot SX 150, which has a nice long optical zoom lens and a lot of manual override features. A DSLR, though, would be wasted on me as I’m really a snapshooter — I don’t have the eye for good composition. But I’ll be expecting big things from your camera on your blog now!

      • S Says:

        Perfect! I have a Powershot (one of the zoomy ones) and it was everything I needed for our trip to yellowstone–plus easy to carry around. As for me, the dslr might just prove I’m not a real photographer, but that’s okay, its still fun :)

  4. Rick Says:

    Wow, what a great day!! We love the ocean, but living 600 miles inland means we don’t get to see it much, and when we do we only get to see the touristy beaches of Southern California. I did live a couple of years in Northern California so I got a chance then. I kind of miss it.
    Good luck on the trip planning. When you are going through Utah be sure to catch Zions, Arches and Bryce. If you only have time for one then I would recommend Arches. Have fun!!

    • Ali Says:

      Rick, thanks for the tips. I think we will be trying to hit Arches, Bryce and Zion, but based on your advice Arches for sure. We decided to skip the Grand Canyon this time and make that a destination trip in the future to give us more time in Utah.

      Now we need to figure out camping in CA, which appears to be closing a number of campgrounds next year due to budget cuts, argh.

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