Harvest Tuesday: Purple Bok Choy

Weatherwise, it has been a bewildering fall and early winter here at Henbogle.  An early heavy snowstorm in October had me thinking we’d be in for it, but the snow melted and temperatures climbed.  A mere 8 days later, Dan and I were planting shallots in our shirtsleeves.  The day before Thanksgiving we got another big storm with 10 inches of snow, which disappeared a few days later.  It rained, the days were warm, the ground soft, the grass got green, I thought I’d have to mow the darn lawn.

We received a little snow to whiten Christmas, then a few days later it is 51°F and Dan and I are beachcombing??  Upon arriving home on Sunday, I peeked in the hoophouse and thought, I should pick those 2 bok choy plants.  I had left them for dead weeks earlier, but with the mild weather, had survived and even grown a bit.  Sadly, I got distracted, and did not pick them.  Monday night, temperature plunged again but today, after the cold night last night (high teens, brr!) Dan picked them when he got home from school and it was still balmy in the hoophouse.

My first harvest of 2012!  2 ounces of bok choy is destined for the dinner plate in a stir fry tomorrow for dinner.   Maybe we’ll finish off the last bit of Meyer Lemon Ice Cream from Christmas to celebrate the harvest.

2 Responses to “Harvest Tuesday: Purple Bok Choy”

  1. Daphne Says:

    Those are really pretty choys. Do they keep their purple when you cook them?

  2. kitsapfg Says:

    That is an interesting bok choy with the purple coloring. Very pretty! We are having a mild winter this year (so far) too. I am not complaining as our weather year last year was cold and wet followed by a summer of cool and damp. I could really use a warm and sunny summer for a change.

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