The freezer camp pep talk

appears to have worked.  We have contributions from Bea and from Lily, and today, gathered 6 eggs from our 10 hens.  To the other 4 I say, get to work!

6 Responses to “The freezer camp pep talk”

  1. Laurie Graves Says:

    It’s amazing how those little pep talks so often work ;)

  2. Jennifer Fisk Says:

    Why isn’t it working on my 18 hens. LOL Even my Dominique that is less than a year old isn’t consistent in her laying.

  3. O. Says:

    Freezer camp–Not a place I’d want to be a counselor.

  4. Danni Says:

    Sigh. My girls will be 4-years old in 2 weeks…they’re struggling to gift me with 2 eggs a day among the 10 of them.
    They’ve been such good layers… I shush my guy every time he even mentions “freezer camp”. lol

  5. kitsapfg Says:

    Good job “coach”! LOL! Our girls are ramping back up now after the winter drop and I definitely attribute it to the increasing day length and slightly warmer days – as I have not given them any pep talks like you have. :D

  6. Robin Says:

    Freezer camp talk didn’t work on the 9 hens I got rid of. Though I was getting more eggs by the time I sold them. My two green egg layers in that batch hadn’t popped out an egg in months. Right now I am getting about 6 to 7 eggs from our 11 month old hens.

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