Late winter hoophouse

An unseasonably warm day on Thursday melted most of the recent (March 1) snowstorm which left about 7 inches of snow on Henbogle.  Fine with me, as now that the days are longer, my garden fever is climbing.  Yesterday I gave a seed starting workshop at a local nursery/greenhouse business, and talking seed sowing really fired me up to do some gardening, so this morning I did some work in the hoophouse.

I pulled the floating row cover off and saw that some of the seeds I sowed last month have germinated.  The top layer of soil was a bit dry, so Dan lugged some water out for me to give everything a light sprinkle of water, which I hope will get the rest of the seeds going.  The temps in the hoophouse were deliciously warm, in the low 80°s, aahhh.  I then did some weeding and lightly raked a section on the other side of the hoophouse and sowed some cilantro, mache, lettuce and more spinach.  It is amazing how enjoyable weeding is at this time of year!

I used the seeding jigs, tamped everything down, gave it a sprinkle of water, and then covered it up with floating row cover.  Grow, little seeds, grow!


2 Responses to “Late winter hoophouse”

  1. Julie Says:

    I think every backyard needs a hoop house, I just have to convince my DH. How’s the new range? it sure is pretty. Have a good week, Julie.

  2. S Says:

    That spinach looks amazing! We had a perfect day here too, and I spent some quality time in the hoop as well. I had the same thoughts on weeding :) My seeds planting Feb 1st have just now sprouted and I now added some sets started indoors later (but which are of course, much bigger). We did have just enough tiny green snippings for a salad tonight, pretty much our first of the year.

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