Lion in winter

March roared in like a lion with snow on March 1, but the lion is turning out to be a pretty little pussy cat.  The weekend temps are predicted to be in the upper 50s!  The nights are still cool, I hope cool enough for the maple trees to produce copious amounts of sap for sugaring.

Just 2 more days until the weekend. I feel like the little engine that could — I think I can I think I can! (make it to the weekend).


3 Responses to “Lion in winter”

  1. Robin Says:

    We are definitely enjoying some really nice weather! Hopefully it will get cool enough at night for a good harvest from the maple trees.

  2. S Says:

    You can make it! We’re having the same stretch of unseasonable here too, and it seems like a good syrup year, from what I’ve heard.

  3. Robin Says:

    Those temps look a lot like what has been happening in our neck of the woods. We heard from our neighbors that it snowed about a foot the day after we left.

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