Spring peepers awake

Last night, Dan heard the peepers for the first time this year.  Spring truly is here!  For more about peppers, or to hear their magical song,check out my post from a few years ago.

This is early for peppers, although in 2010 we heard them March 20 as well.  More typically, we here them in early April.  Either way, I am happy to hear them.


6 Responses to “Spring peepers awake”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    2011 peepers heard for the first time on April 11th.

  2. nruit Says:

    Wow. We have not heard them yet, and we are out at all times during the day, evening, night and morning with lambing time right now. I will pay extra-special attention!

  3. Lou Murray's Green World Says:

    My peppers are generally very quiet. However, the spring peepers in the neighborhood do make a racket in wet years. We live close to Huntington Central Park, with lakes and wetlands, and some years we can hear them from our house. Can’t see Russia though. ;-)

  4. kitsapfg Says:

    I love the return of the sounds of spring. Our song birds have suddently gotten all “twitterpated” and are singing up a storm. Love it.

  5. Lexa Says:

    Nature is certainly “turning up the volume” lately. Even with our cold, bad weather the frogs and the birds are strating to sing. Enjoy Spring!

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