Paper cups for seed starting

I’ve always been a slurp-the-water-out-of-your-hand-to-rinse-your-teeth kind of gal.  Dan came home with some little paper cups for the bathroom a while ago, and recently, upon observing one sitting by the sink in a little puddle of water getting soggy, I realized they are made with un-coated paper.

I wondered, will these work for seed starting?  I’d love to find a replacement for making paper pots, which is my favorite seed starting method, but are just a bit time-consuming for the amount of seed starting I normally do at Henbogle.  I am giving them a try in hopes I can plant the whole thing right in the soil, no need to remove the seedling from the paper cup.  I hope it works, as it would be an easy and low-cost solution.

Here’s my trial of lettuce and pac choi, along with my tomato starts and my peppers, out catching some rays.

4 Responses to “Paper cups for seed starting”

  1. Leigh Says:

    What a great idea for seed starting! I confess I didn’t get any early starts due to our kitchen remodel. I envy everybody else’s. :)

    • Ali Says:

      It is hard to do it all, isn’t it? I hate purchasing seedlings, but somethings gotta give, as they say!

  2. Robin Says:

    Interesting. I hope they work. I had never thought of that before either.

    • Ali Says:

      So far they look good. Seeds have sprouted, and the cups are starting to loose their shape and look a bit squishy, giving me hope they will degrade when planted.

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