I finally started some tomatoes Saturday (4/14).  This year I’ve started:

Rose (78 days)
Cherokee Purple (72 days)
Pineapple (85 days)
Martha Washington (78 days)
Speckled Roman (85 days), and
Sun Gold cherry (57 days)

I’d like one more red slicing variety.  Any recommendations?


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  1. S Says:

    Hmm, you have a nice variety, not sure what to add. One bigger slicer we like is Italian Heirloom– I get them from seed savers

    Do you choose any special varieties for growing inside you hoop, or do you do the same in and out? Johnny’s info seems to indicate special varieties for high tunnels, but then again, I’m not a market gardener and will only have a few in there.

    • Ali Says:

      I’ll look up the Italian Heirloom. As for growing in the hoop, I usually only grow 1-2 in there. My hoop is too small to really extend the fall much, so mostly I just grow the fussier tomatoes in their. Last year I grew the Pineapple in the hoop. It gets big, but I love the flavor of this tomato (as a bonus it is beautiful) so it is worth it to me to give it the space.

      • S Says:

        That pineapple is a tempting one. Yep, that’s my plan too, just a couple, I’m kind of diving the hoop into quadrants to rotate crops. I am going to try a little bit of everything like this winter to see what does well in the hot season. Thanks!

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