Less irritating irrigating

It is April school vacation week here at Henbogle.  As is our wont, we are spending much of the week on outdoor projects. One eagerly anticipated project is some improvements to our water system.  Several years ago, we buried a plastic water line running to the back garden using pipe we purchased at a yard sale. We had enough pipe to run the line to the end of the freestanding deck.  We continued the line using ordinary garden hose, and it has worked great.

We ran garden hose all the way to the garden sink, adding a post with a spigot for a hose to the garden, and later added a dedicated buried line to the hoop house.  This worked fantastically well, no more dragging the hose out of the way for the mower, but watering in the garden still meant dragging a hose over the fence or through a gate and snaking around the raised beds, a pain for the gardener and dangerous for the plants.

Last year, we saw more of the plastic pipe at the town dump (aka transfer station).  Following our tradition of dump picking, we snagged it, awaiting the need to replace the garden hose line.  Sure enough, when we turned the water on a few days ago, the old garden hose was leaking, so it meant it was time to replace it with the plastic pipe.  We decided while we are at it,we might as well move the spigot to give room to expand the compost bins, and we are also going to add a spigot in the garden at the end of the hoophouse, splicing the buried line that runs to the hoop house.  This will be much easier to use for watering in the vegetable garden.

Unfortunately we need to run the pipe through the middle of a nasty, thuggish, multiflora rose bush today, that will be fun.  We’ve been hacking away at the rose over time, but this one is the biggest of them, and starts on our neighbors’ property, so we’ve been a bit slower at getting rid of it.  It does make for good cover for the birds, who fly straight to it whenever a neighborhood cat comes calling, so I do feel a tiny bit of reluctance to get rid of it altogether.  Nonetheless, we’ll hack away more today, and I hope have a new spigot in the garden before lunch.  At times like this I love being handy.


7 Responses to “Less irritating irrigating”

  1. S Says:

    Nice! That’s a project I really want to do this year, but may get put off. I think we need a second outdoor spigot first. And a garden sink would be so nice too!

    • Ali Says:

      Check Craigslist for sinks. I still can’t believe I got this one for free. It is in excellent condition. The black plastic pipe made it all possible…. I can’t believe how much time/effort we expended dragging all that hose around. It is about 150+ feet to the garden from the house.

  2. Robin Says:

    All of the hard work will be worth it!

  3. gardeningkiwi Says:

    Hmmm… a sink and a tap in the garden – now that is something to add to the to do list. Thanks for the inspiration! Cheers Sarah : o )

  4. Robin Says:

    That is the one thing I hate about watering in the summer. Dragging the hose around and trying not to smash the ding dong plants you’ve been working hard growing. Less irritating irrigating is always a good thing! :)

    • Ali Says:

      We had a chance to use it today, and it worked great, except that some of the hose nozzles are AWOL and the one I can find is leaking. Ugh, it is always something!

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