Knotweeds progress

The area beset with knotweed and multiflora rose that Dan dug up and planted with grass this spring is growing grass.  And knotweed, too, of course.  The edges need to be re-seeded with grass, and then we need to either mow or try a carefully targeted treatment of herbicide.  The Cooperative Extension Service suggested Round Up applied at flowering.  I’m just afraid if we don’t treat it really aggressively, it will be right back to where we started.   I need a nuclear option with no lasting side effects!  Or goats.

El from Fast Grow the Weeds suggested a goat or two to browse in there, or anywhere else we need some vegetation subjugation.  It is a tempting idea….

If you click to biggify, you can see the knotweed emerging.  We are going to remove the not-very-happy chokeberries in there, you can see one in the foreground on the bottom photo.  There’s a lovely Fothergilla in there two, but I’m afraid of moving it and transplanting some knotweed rhizomes with it.  It will stay for now, but may be on the doomed list.


On a more positive note, the sun is out today at last!  Since late April we’ve had over 8 inches of rain.  The sun is most welcome!


5 Responses to “Knotweeds progress”

  1. Lou Murray's Green World Says:

    Ali, that knotweed sounds like a nightmare. Good luck in winning the battle.

  2. Julie Says:

    I vote for goats!

  3. O. Says:

    goats! angora goats? Lovely, lovely mohair for your knitter friends. . . OR good dairy goats? Lovely, lovely cheese for your eater friends.

  4. Robin Says:

    NOT GOATS! lol. Ok, just because I don’t want goats doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get any. Being around my sister-in-laws goats made me think they were cute but a major pain in the a**. Lee and I are still hard at work clearing blackberry vines. Once it finishes raining later this week I need to mow and cut the heads off the re-emerging shoots. Uggg.

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