I ordered leek plants from Johnny’s this year.  They arrived about 2 weeks ago and it’s been to wet since them to gt them planted.  The starts looked a little worse for the wait, but yesterday with Dan’s help I got them planted.  Dan went through the bed removing our nemesis the quackgrass that had crept in under the fence (see the pile of weeds on the right), then I fertilized and planted.

I followed my usual planting routine.  I made a 4-ish inch deep hole with my garden fork handle handle, and dropped a leek into the hole, then watered well, and will leave the holes to gradually fill in over the summer as it rains. Here’s hoping for good results.  I think next year I will return to growing my own leek, as these were not so pretty, and I’m worried they won’t all survive.  Especially given that they will be ignored most of the summer.

I put the leeks next to the garlic and shallots, which are looking beautiful at this point.  I can’t wait for some green garlic, mmmmm.  To the right of the leeks will  be peppers, planted in paper mulch in hopes we’ll get adequate rain that will go through the paper.  Aughhhh!  There’s so much to do!  Planned departure date: 39 days.




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  1. Lou Murray's Green World Says:

    Looks like a lovely bed of alliums. How long will you be leaving your garden? I try to limit my trips to 5 days, which is about how long my garden can live without me. We get NO rain in southern California from April until October, and sometimes into November.

    • Ali Says:

      Hi Lou,

      We will be gone for 7-8 weeks, traveling all the way to California, up to Washington and back via as many public gardens, state and national parks as we can cram in :-). You can see our still-evolving travel map here: http://jumpinletsgo.wordpress.com/

      Dan’s awesome Mom and some friends will be taking care of the kitties and generally keeping an eye on things and eating anything in the garden that is ready, but it will basically be well-mulched and ignored.

  2. S Says:

    Looking good! I am finally getting the hang of onions and leeks from seed, but it has taken me a few years–glad to have sets available as an alternative too.

    I like your planting method too, I need to work on some better tools for allium planting, since I seem to do more every year!

  3. castelli romani Says:

    castelli romani…

    […]Leeks « Henbogle[…]…

  4. Robin Says:

    I planted some leeks for the first time this year. They looked really rough and I didn’t think any would survive. They are surprising me though.

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